Chipotle Is Testing Out New Craft Cocktails At One Location In Denver, So Get Ready To Get A Little Fancy

Chipotle lovers of the world unite! Particularly if you're a fan of fancy beverages. Word on the street has it that Chipotle is testing new cocktails. And they're not just any cocktails, either — they're craft cocktails. So if you're a big lover of Chipotle's classic Patrón or Sauza margarita, then Christmas may be coming early for you this year. And hey-oh, it's the kind of "spirit" you can drink!

According to Westword, Chipotle recently tapped master sommelier Richard Betts to help them develop a "streamlined beverage program" to complement the restaurant's food menu. Much like the chain's "food with integrity" mantra, these new craft cocktails are being billed as "beverages with integrity." Like me, you might be wondering, What does that even mean, though? Well, Betts did his part to explain the concept to Westwood, saying, "Steve [Ells, Chipotle founder] and I started talking about it a couple of years ago. How do we offer beverages with integrity?" Their answer was to whip up a new riffs on classics like margaritas, sangria, draft beer, and even soft drinks which boast organic ingredients and lower-impact packaging. What a lovely concept! Can I drink it now?

So here's what we know so far. This new lineup of libations will include cocktails, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks, so there's a little something for everyone. There is a caveat, however: These options are only being tested at Chipotle's Denver location at Sixth and Broadway. Still, join me in drooling over a few reported highlights and hoping this new menu goes national. And hey, don't forget to grab your free guac while you can!

1. Mezcal Margaritas


The entire revamp started with Chipotle's signature margarita, which Betts gave a makeover. The new spin is frozen, and created using only Sombra mexcal from OaXaca (Bett's label), Astral tequila, agave syrup, ice, and the juice of lemon and limes. Bett recommends imbibing it with a flavorful burrito for maximum impact.

2. A New Sangria

Bett also added Eppa Sangria to the menu. Worth noting is how it comes from a certified-organic California company which is phasing out bottled sangria in favor of more eco-friendly kegs.

3. Oskar Blues Beer


Joining the roster is a draft version of Oskar Blues Beerito. This Vienna Mexican lager only just made its official debut via Lyons brewery earlier this month. Other beer in the program will switch from bottles to cans, which have a longer recycling lifespan.

4. Tasty Non-Alcoholic Options


How does a tall glass of watermelon agua fresca sound? What about a hibiscus tea? Yes, please! I'll take one of each. If fountain drinks are more your speed, you can sip on Coke Life — which is sweetened with stevia extract and cane sugar — and Blue Sky Sodas.

Images: Giphy (3); Popkey