The One Clue That Dr. Rollins Killed Charlotte On 'Pretty Little Liars,' Because This Guy Can't Be Trusted

If there's one thing you need to know about Pretty Little Liars, it's that pretty faces can rarely be trusted. So was revealed to be the case with Ali's handsome new husband Dr. Rollins. The (totally bonkers) Season 6 finale gave us some insight into this super mysterious character, and it turns out that he's even shadier than we thought. Apparently, the secretly British (!!!) Dr. Rollins is working with Jessica DiLaurentis' identical twin Mary Drake, he only married Ali in order to steal her shares of the Carissimi Group. That wasn't the only jaw-dropping moment: according to Mary, Dr. Rollins was "the only man that [Charlotte] ever loved," and it seems we're supposed to believe that the feeling was mutual. However, while we're led to believe that Dr. Rollins really wants revenge on Charlotte's death, that might not be the case. There's one big clue that Dr. Rollins could have killed Charlotte, and it might make Dr. Rollins even more sinister than we thought.

The clue that Dr. Rollins might be Charlotte's killer and not her avenger comes from the very first episode of Season 6B. When the cops find Charlotte's body outside of the bell tower, Charlotte is holding a violet colored rose:

We haven't gotten an explanation as to why Charlotte might be holding a rose, but we did see a vase of very similar looking roses in Ali's home. Charlotte left in the middle of the night in order to meet someone at the bell tower, so fans have speculated that she was the one bringing flowers to the person at the bell tower. But what if the flowers served an entirely different purpose? What if the flowers were supposed to act as Charlotte's wedding bouquet in her wedding to Dr. Rollins?

When you break down the potential story, it makes a lot of sense. Charlotte was devastated to discover that Ali was in love with Dr. Rollins, and needed to be reassured of Dr. Rollins love for her. Dr. Rollins, knowing that the grief from Charlotte's death would make Ali vulnerable enough to marry him, decided to hatch a plan to stop Charlotte from standing in the way of his access to the Carissimi fortune. He told Charlotte that he loved her, and that to prove it, they would get married in the bell tower. However, instead of going to the bell tower to marry Charlotte, Dr. Rollins really went there to kill her.

If Dr. Rollins really is the one who killed Charlotte, he's likely been the mastermind behind the Liars' legal trouble. Dr. Rollins knew that the Liars would be back in Rosewood in order to speak at Charlotte's court hearing, and knew he had the perfect people to blame for Charlotte's death. Perhaps Dr. Rollins is well aware of the Uber A stalking the Liars, and was the one who provided the information needed for Uber A to go after the girls — all to cover his own tracks.

Whether Dr. Rollins is really Charlotte's killer or not, the Liars — and especially Ali — need to watch their backs. This guy is clearly bad news.

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