DJ & Steve Are Getting Back Together!

Full House fans, try to stay calm, but Candace Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger are going to reunite on ABC's The Neighbors! That's right; DJ and Steve are going to have a mega-reunion when they play a couple on the Feb. 28 season finale. No word on if they'll be playing their former television selves, but here are some mega-crossed fingers for some throwback references.

Weinger's a writer on the show (and also was the voice of Aladdin , if you didn't know that amazing token of information), so one can only presume that he's helping to make this magic happen. For the record, Candace Cameron Bure is also a writer — and a published author of the book Balancing It All: My Story Of Juggling Priorities And Purpose, which teaches you how to be a good Christian wife and balance your priorities and purpose... 'cause that's what she's been up to. (Her Twitter is evident of her current priorities.)

And to be frank, who doesn't love a Full House reunion, or ANY Full House nostalgia, period? Jimmy Fallon helped bring the guys back together just a few weeks ago with a hilarious send-up of this golden nugget of a television sitcom of the 1990s, and then there were those Super Bowl ads. Who could forget those.

My only hope? That there's a full-on audience sound of oooohhhh!! when they kiss at long last. OH, how meta (and glorious) that would be.

Image: Getty Images