Dannon's Super Bowl Ad Is Everything We Hoped For

by Camille Bautista

You’ll be hard-pressed to find many things in life better than watching John Stamos lick a spoon. So we must give thanks to the Super Bowl, which gave us an occasion to see former Full House stars and '90s gods Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier return to the small screen for a reunion. And, this time around, they've brought yogurt for a Dannon Oikos Super Bowl commercial.

Yes, we missed our old familiar friends, but they were waiting around the bend to bless us with this 30-second ad (and yes, I am a Full House freak), which followed up a week's worth of teases from the yogurt brand. (Not to mention a media blitz from the three men, who appeared on Watch What Happens Live and participated in a Reddit AMA.) We first caught a glimpse of the amazingness with Dannon's initial spot, showing all three pajama-clad men watching the game. Coulier's in a onesie, of course, and thank God for that since we're sure many childhoods would be ruined if we saw him as anything other than Mr.-Woodchuck-toting Joey Gladstone.

Then things got a little racy in the follow-up teaser, with Uncle Jesse and a woman who's definitely not Aunt Becky, but Dannon keeps it PG in true Full House fashion. And keeping in line with '90s sitcom style, our favorite frat guys barge in to ruin the steamy moment.

As for the final spot, which aired during Super Bowl Sunday? Seems Dannon went with Danny Tanner cleaning. But, no matter which version Dannon aired, it's guaranteed that the brand will clean up too. After watching, we're not sure what we're craving more: yogurt or another Full House reunion.

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