You Should Let Blac Chyna Do Your Lashes

Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention, but I didn't know much about Blac Chyna before the Kardashian drama started. First, her BFF, Amber Rose, was at odds with the famous family when Kylie Jenner started dating Tyga... who happens to be the father of Chyna's baby. And now that Chyna and Rob Kardashian are engaged, it seems like she's here to stay. There's only one problem: Aside from amassing a huge Instagram following, what does Blac Chyna do? It's something I've been wondering about for awhile, and the actual answer is kind of cool. She's dipped her toes in a lot of different career paths, but now, Chyna is the owner of an eyelash bar.

That wasn't her initial claim to fame, though. Her career first began when she worked at King of Diamonds strip club in 2010, and from there, she went on to modeling, which is when she started catching people's eye. It didn't take long before Chyna was Nicki Minaj's body double in Kanye West's music video for his single "Monster," and after that, she starred in Tyga's video for "Rack City." That means she's been around for a lot longer than you might have thought, and since then, she's been name-dropped in a lot of rap songs, including Drake's "Miss Me." After that, she headed straight for JLS makeup school, and that prepared her for her current adventure: Perfecting the art of achieving seriously awesome lashes.

According to her website, Chyna opened Lashed in 2014, which she describes as a "lavish beauty bar" in Encino that sells skincare and beauty products, false eyelashes, and offers services like makeup application, waxing, and obviously lash application, as well as makeup classes for aspiring artists on Sunday mornings. And if you're not in California but you love her products, don't worry — everything is available through the site, and she ships everywhere. And surprisingly enough, her prices are actually set in a happy medium between drugstore and high end prices. Not bad!

In this video, she gives a tour of the salon, and it's gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to sit down in those gorgeous surroundings, have a casual chat with Chyna and leave with amazing eyelashes?

And in case you're still a little wary of it, the Yelp reviews are also pretty great. Apparently, if you're getting your lashes done, you want someone named Aqua to do them for the best results. Just a little heads up!

It's awesome to see this career Chyna has built for herself, and even though it's only been about two years since Lashed opened, it seems like she's already pretty successful. If she and Kardashian really are getting married, I have no doubt her makeup will be on point on the big day — especially her lashes.