Are Amber Rose & Kim Kardashian Actually Friends? It Sure Sounds Like It

Continuing her trend of #BreakingTheInternet, Kim Kardashian shared a naked selfie last Monday that caused quite an uproar. From celebrities like Chloe Grace Moretz to Pink seemingly dissing the photograph, to other famous people backing her up, it's all anyone was talking about. Despite Kardashian writing an empowering essay against slut-shaming, the criticism continued anyway. After that happened, Amber Rose stood up for the reality star and even invited Kim K to share her story at her next SlutWalk. Then in a recent interview for ABC's Nightline, the model talked about just how close they actually are. Said Rose,

I thought she looked beautiful. I think she’s a great mom and I’m gonna stick up for Kim. People think Kim and I are archenemies, and we’re really not. We literally text each other all the time. We’re very positive toward each other.

Am I the only one surprised by this? I mean that in the best way possible. Given the rocky history of drama, not only between them but their friends and family, I didn't expect these two to be so close. Sure, when they took a selfie together following the Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West feud, it showed solidarity between the ladies. It proved that if the men in their lives were wrapped up in drama, they didn't need to be part of it. But to hear that they text all the time now is even better, because it shows that it wasn't just a publicity stunt — they actually do have each other's back.

In that same interview, Amber Rose touched on how she relates to Kardashian because they both have children, saying, "I know how hard it is to work out and try to get your body back but at the same time embracing the fact that your body does change as soon as you have a baby." The fact that they're mothers is often thrown around as a reason as to why they can't dress a certain way or post provocative photos, which really isn't fair at all.

Another highlight of the conversation is when Amber Rose pointed out a hypothetical double standard. She explained,

If any sexy guy posted a nude picture with a little black strip over his private area, everybody would be like, "Damn, he’s hot, he’s sexy, look at that body. Oh, he’s a dad too?"

I'm going to have to guess that this is true. People didn't freak out too much when Justin Bieber posted his butt on Instagram (I know he's not a dad yet, but still). Or what about Adam Levine's 2011 Cosmopolitan UK cover where only a hand is covering his crotch? Neither of those sparked quite the same storm of negativity as Kardashian's recent selfie.

Although all of the photo-related drama felt a bit unnecessary, some good did come of it. Fans got to see two strong ladies stand up for themselves. As Amber Rose and Kardashian prove, women are so much stronger when they come together, versus when they tear each other down.