14 'Bachelor In Paradise' Tips For Lace From Previous Cast Members Who Have Been There, Done That

In just a few short months, our favorite former cast members will be preparing to head to Mexico with Chris Harrison for a another attempt at finding love. That’s right, Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise airs this summer. At this point, we don’t know much about the new season, but we do know one of the cast members for sure. Creator Mike Fleiss confirmed to E! News that Lace is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise and I think I speak for everyone when I say, she’s going to be amazing on the show. But, we all know The Bachelor didn't end the way she wanted it to, so Lace may need some advice before she gets thrown back into the mix. And, who better to give advice than people who have been in the situation before her? Bustle interviewed several Bachelor in Paradise stars who have some tips for Lace before she jets off to Mexico.

Over the past two seasons of BiP, some have been lucky enough to fall in love, some have gone home almost immediately, and some have been treated like crap by a certain cast member who shall not be named. Everyone’s got a different story, but they all experienced Paradise and have nuggets of wisdom to pass on. From Season 1, Bustle got advice from Marquel Martin and Brooks Forester and, from Season 2, Kirk Dewindt, Juelia Kinney, Amber James, and Michael Garofola. Here’s what they had to say to Lace.

1. "Don't Be Afraid To Make A Move & Pursue Someone You're Interested In"

According to Kirk, you shouldn’t waver on whether or not to go for it with someone. "If you're interested in someone, make it known and go for it right away," he says. "If it works out, great. If not, you can at least rest assured you gave something an honest shot."

2. It’s Obvious When You’re There Just To Be On TV

"If you're there to simply be on TV and 'play the game' people will pick up on that," Kirk advises, "You won't last long, keep that in mind."

3. "Wear Plenty Of Sunscreen And Reapply!"

"Bad sunburns don't look great during rose ceremonies," Michael Garofola advises.

4. "Secure Your Own Fan Immediately"

Apparently there’s no AC in Paradise. According to Michael, humidity levels peak at 2:00 a.m. "I couldn't chew gum without sweating profusely, which probably says more about my sweat glands than anything else, but still…" he jokes.

5. "Go In With Some Idea Of What You're Looking To Find"

People go on Bachelor in Paradise for all sorts of reasons, but Michael says, "If you're going there to have fun & vie for title of Ms. Spring Break 2016, that's all well & good, but if you'd genuinely like to meet someone to date, like really date, maybe don't go for the dude who is never going to leave his hometown to date you in person."

6. Sex On The Beach Isn’t A Good Idea

Brooks Forester jokes, "Sex on the beach sounds magical but leave sex on the beach to bartender Jorge."

7. Consult The Producers

"For some needed council, consult the producers, they are there to help," Brooks says, adding, "If they aren't around a raccoon, bird, or grapefruit — they make for a great substitute."

8. "Don’t Go Out With A Jerk"

Plain and smart advice from Juelia Kinney, who obviously had to deal with a really big one last season.

9. Watch Out For Ankle Swelling

According to Juelia, your ankles will swell pretty badly. She advises Lace not to worry and sleep with three pillows under her feet.

10. "Relax And Have A Good Time"

"If you meet someone, then wonderful. If not, you are still going to make friends that will last a lifetime," Juelia says, "Try to live in the moment and not worry about anything else! There will absolutely be drama ... just try to steer clear as much as possible."

11. "Be Real"

Marquel Martin’s advice is solid. "It’s very easy to get caught up in drama. It’s very easy to be manipulated, but just be real," he says, "At the end of the day it’s your life and you have to live with yourself and whatever decisions you make, so make them based off you. Don't let any one else's opinion change what you want to say or do."

12. Don’t Drink The Water

To be fair, Marquel didn’t drink the water, but he says he had some vegetables that were washed with the water, so he thinks that’s how he got food poisoning. Watch out!

13. "Have An Open Mind And Heart"

Amber James knows her Bachelor stuff quite well at this point, and she says to go for it. "If you truly like the guy let him know how you feel, because you never know who may come in next," she advises, "Use your time wisely."

14. "Have Fun!"

"Paradise is not as stressful as The Bachelor," Amber says, "If you’re interested in someone you can spend all day with that person without someone trying to steal him away. Be more yourself and let them know how truly amazing you are."

With all this advice in mind, Lace should have no problem in Mexico come this summer. And, she may even walk away with her one true love!

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC; Giphy (14)