How To Celebrate National Beer Day 5 Different Ways

Just like people, no two beers are alike, which makes beer quite a hobby for the connoisseur. Lucky for them (and for everybody, really) National Beer Day, a holiday recognized nationwide, is set to be celebrated on April 7, which is on a "Thirsty Thursday" if you're still hip to the college lingo. There are many ways you can celebrate National Beer Day without, you know, showing up to work on Friday with a massive hangover.

But before we go into those, let's talk a little bit about Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt signed the Cullen–Harrison Act back in 1933, which legalized the sale of low-alcohol beer in America and ended Prohibition. After the signing was complete, Roosevelt uttered the same phrase that most of us say every Friday at 5 p.m. — "I think this would be a good time for a beer." So, when we raise a glass on National Beer Day, we're truly celebrating the Cullen-Harrison Act and the wise words of Roosevelt, who understood how alcoholic beverages could be beneficial in moderation.

Even if you're not a drinker, there's still a good reason to celebrate beer. First off, it was thought to be one of the oldest beverages, dating back to 9500 BC. It's also a growing industry — it seems like new breweries and brands are popping up on a yearly basis, creating new brews to celebrate specific holidays, seasons, and even figures of pop culture. If you're a beer fan, you likely have a favorite, and feel the inspiration to be adventurous with brand new flavors.

This year, raise your glass and consider participating in a few of these beer-centric activities.

1. Check and see if your favorite bar is offering discounts or specials

Bars love to celebrate the festivities of National Beer Day — I mean, obviously beer helps their business prosper. That said, a bunch of places are running specials and events to celebrate the day. While you have to check in with your city's events page to see deals that'll be beneficial to you, many establishments have already announced their plans ahead of time. Grand Central Terminal in New York will be celebrating throughout the station, offering tastings and discount growlers, Austin's Growler USA will be offering an all-day happy hour with discounts on food and drink, Southerleigh at the Pearl over in San Antonio will offer a massive discount on their four-beer flights, and my favorite of all — Trumbull Library in Monroe, Connecticut will be offering a beer-making workshop. Maybe if Leslie Knope knew about this, she wouldn't be so salty over libraries.

2. Tour a local brewery

You likely don't have to plan a full vacation over a brewery tour, since breweries are located all over the place. Milton, Delaware is the home of Dogfish Head, the very tasty Sam Adams is located in Boston, Magic Hat is brewed in Burlington, Vermont, and Tröegs offers a nice tour (and super good food) in Hershey, Pennsylvania — just to name a few. Even if your favorite beer isn't bottled and shipped nationwide, you can still visit its brewpub and enjoy a fresh beer on draft.

3. Make a mixed six pack, and sample beer you've never tried before

If you live in a state that allows you to buy beer individually, celebrate by picking out six beers you've never tried before. Even if you choose only by what label looks the most humorous, it's an educational experiment. And who knows? Maybe you'll accidentally stumble across a brand new favorite.

4. Try to make your own home brew

Homebrewing has become a fun hobby for beer enthusiasts all over the place. If it's something you can see yourself doing year-round, you might want to invest in a homebrew kit for beginners. Once you get the hang of it, you'll perfect your technique. Even if your first few brews aren't amazing, the fact that you created it is something to be proud of.

5. Try to figure out your favorite beer and cheese pairings

While people usually associate wine with cheese, beer is also an incredible beverage to drink while sampling your favorites. Beer cheese dip and soup definitely exist for this very reason. To get you on the right path, Serious Eats offers a few solid pairings: German wheat beer and goat cheese, blue cheese with a decent IPA, and gouda with a brown porter.

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