What's Drake's New Song "One Dance" About?

by Courtney Lindley

What a time to be alive. In a series of tweets, Drake just dropped two new songs from his upcoming album Views from the 6. While I am certainly questioning when the album will come out in entirety (we know it's sometime in April), I am not at all going to question why these tracks were released early (because I was raised to accept gifts graciously). Anyway, the new songs are "Pop Style" featuring Jay Z and Kanye West and "One Dance" featuring Wizkid and Kyla. While it's clear "Pop Style" will be a big deal — considering that it's a mash of arguably the three most powerful and influential hip hop artists — let's talk about "One Dance." Specifically, the "One Dance" lyrics. After a quick skim of the jam's content, it becomes clear that Drake's newest beat isn't about dancing (though certainly, it will make you want to get up and do so).

Nope, in typical Drake fashion, "One Dance" is a song about relationships, love, and, yeah, probably a little bit of sex. What makes this one feel different is its set against the backdrop of a funky — and surprisingly pop-like — melody. Before you dissect the lyrics, I'd suggest you do yourself a favor and buy "One Dance" on iTunes now. Thank me later. Probably thank Drake too, at some point. Anyway, let's get into these "One Dance" lyrics.

Grips on your legsFront way, back wayYou know that I don't playStreets not safeBut I never run awayEven when I'm awayOT, OT is never much love when we go OTI pray to make it back in one pieceI pray, I pray

Things start off fast, because, as we are quickly informed, Drake does not play. Even when the streets are not safe, he never runs away, and even when he is away OT (which is Toronto slang for "Out of Town") is never too much for him. But then maybe it is, since he prays to make it back in one piece? What are you saying Drizzy? Is the love not enough or too much? Here comes the hook...

That's why I need a one danceGot the Hennessy in my handOne more time 'fore I goI have powers taking ahold on meI need a one danceGot the Hennessy in my handOne more time 'fore I goI have powers taking ahold on me

So dance has healing properties I take it, then? I also fully understand how you could think this way. Even though methinks you are certainly not talking about just dancing, dance heals all. Hennessy also does not hurt.

Strength and guidanceAll that I'm wishing for my friendsNobody makes it from my endsI had to bust up the silenceYou know you gotta stick by meSoon as you see the text, reply meI don't wanna spend time fightingWe've got no time

Things get a bit more serious in this verse. Seems like Drake — and this dancing partner — have had their own trials and tribulations. All he's asking for is a timely text response, and, honestly, that's valid. Plus, there's no time to fight. He just wants to dance, remember? Cue Kyla's verse.

I need to know where do you wanna goCause if you're down, I'll take it slowMake you lose controlWhere, where, whereWhere, where, where, whereWhere, where, whereWhere, where, where, whereCause if you're down, cause if you're downCause if you're down

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Kyla? Drake's down. This is pretty much all he's been talking about, have you not listened? He really wants to dance. And by dance, I don't mean dance at all, because this is Drake and that's just way too PG.

It's pretty clear that Drake and the woman he's trying to get one more dance with will leave the club at some point. They both seem down. As long as she replies to his texts and has enough Hennessy, you know?

Editor's Note: This article has been updated from its original version.

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