Drake's New Song Is Steamy As Hell

Excitement for Drake's next album, Views From The 6, is real, and while the precise release date is still unknown, it's almost definitely coming in April. Drake shared a photo on Instagram hinting at the release of Views From The 6 with the word April written underneath it in all CAPS (what bigger clue could there be?!). Ahead of the album's imminent release, however, two new tracks leaked. One of Drake's new tracks is "These Days," a cover of on an old Nico song, and the other is a collaboration with Popcaan called "Controlla." So what is the rapper's new song about? Do Drake's "Controlla" lyrics give us any clues about what Views Form The 6 will sound like?

"Controlla" has an unmistakable Drake sound, and is more than enough to get me excited for his much-anticipated new album. Slower in tempo than "Hotline Bling," Popcaan's contribution to the song is welcome and fits so well with Drake's sound. While the song hasn't been officially released yet, and was accidentally leaked, it's been more than enough to get everyone psyched to hear the whole album. So what is "Controlla" about? Will the song be an instant classic? You'll be adding it to your playlist as soon as it's on Spotify.

Gal your body good and you're special to meWanna make you my lady officiallyFrom your tickets providing we're willing for payFly her in from distance awayRight, my I just changedYou just buzzed the front gateI thank God you cameHow many more days could I wait?I made plans with youAnd I won't let em fall through

From the first verse, "Controlla" addresses an important woman in the speaker's life. From wanting to fly this person in from far away, to thanking God that this person has arrived, "Controlla" is a love song through and through. Drake's dedication is evident from the start, especially when he vows to never break plans with this person. Many fans are speculating whether the song could be about Rihanna. While some have quoted the lyric as "Right, my eye just changed",,I think it's actually "Right, my I just changed," meaning that Drake is now part of a couple and part of a "we."

I think I'd lie for youI think I'd die for youJodeci "Cry For You"Do things when you want me toLike controlla, controllaYeah, like controlla, controlla
Yeah, okay, you like itWhen I get, aggressive, tell you toGo slower, go fasterLike controlla, controllaYeah, like controlla, controlla

The chorus continues to emphasize just how important this person is. By referencing Jodeci's "Cry For You,", Drake shows just how crucial this relationship is to him. It's almost as if there is nothing he wouldn't do for the object of his affection, and he realizes just how much control they have over him. And the song gets pretty sexual, too.

And I’m never on a waste ting shawty I do it how you say you want it Them girls, they just wanna take my money They don't want me to give you nothing They don't want you to have nothing They don't wanna see me find your lovin' They don't wanna see me Smiling back when they pre-

Knowing I'd lie for you

Thinking I'd die for you

Drake goes on to compare this love interest to other women in his life. Everyone is jealous of the new object of his affection, and they're all just after his money anyway. But this is Drake's way of saying that his love is the real thing. He doesn't care what other people think.

Baby you make me happy, wind up your sexy body for poppyYour eyes them looking at meAnd you turn me on like a new BugattiThe naughty things me want you doSo me would love it if you could come thruIf we smoke a spliff, have a drink me and youThen we release the stress and be loving youSexiness you're a proLet me bend you over in your bra and your shoesBaby, wanna make you so rudeYou're pretty in the clothes but me love when you nudeBaby, it don't take you nothing to move meYour bod like an action movieShe said we do it rough tonight not smoothlyLove how you're unruly

In a section delivered entirely by Popcaan, details get pretty graphic, and there's no doubt that this romantic relationship is incredibly sexual. With references like "you turn me on like a new Bugatti" and "your bod like an action movie," it definitely sounds like the connection this couple has is intense. And Popcaan doesn't stop there.

She love when we beat all nightAnd she make it clap when she ride my bikeShe cock it up on the private flightFor me to lace her up like my brand new NikeMe said I want her all my lifeWon't you sing me note on the cordless mic?I want her all my lifeAll my life

Popcaan makes it pretty clear how he feels in the final lyrics of "Controlla." If there was any doubt as to how he felt about this person previously, Popcaan basically declares his love, saying that he wants to be with this person all of his life. And, you know, "lace her up like my brand new Nike."

"Controlla" has helped build even more excitement for Drake's View From The 6. Listen to the song below.

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