15 Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik 'Vogue' Twitter Reactions That Explain All Your Feels About This Shoot

After months of playing it coy, it seems that one celebrity couple is ready to put their budding romance on full display. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik did a photo shoot for Vogue , and fans of the It celebrity pair are literally losing their minds over it. These 15 Twitter reactions to Zigi's Vogue spread perfectly capture the essence of the Internet's fandom freakout, but there is another important takeaway from the editorial: the fashion.

Shot by world-renown photographer, Mario Testino, the hot young couple strikes some racy poses in front of some of the most stunning backdrops the city of Naples has to offer, dressed to the nines in the crème de la crème of luxury fashion. Hadid emanates major '70s Brigitte Bardot vibes while modeling a black and white gingham dress, studded loafers, a retro high-rise gingham bikini, and red leather pants. Malik, on the other hand, looks like a more edgy, rock & roll version of James Dean, sporting classic black and white suits, skinny ties, and leather moto jackets.

If the impeccable clothes aren't enough to make you swoon, the undeniable chemistry between the duo will definitely do the trick. Kissing on balconies and riding into the sunset on a motorcycle together, the two look so in love, making this shoot the epitome of #RelationshipGoals.

Feast your eyes on the fashion gold.

Those red leather pants are everything.

This basically looks like a postcard and I can barely handle the pretty.

Let's take a look at some of the best Twitter reactions to the shoot, because they sum it up perfectly.

1. Red Hot

Must be nice to be the hottest young things in Hollywood.

2. *Insert Heart Eyes Emoji Here*

Pretty much sums up my feelings about the spread.

3. Blair Waldorf Says It Best

Too. Cute. To. Handle.

4. On Fire

Straight fire.

5. Early Birthday Present


6. Lonely ZiGi Fan

This person literally read my mind.

7. Tears Are The Answer

Some fans are getting really emotional.

8. *Swoon*

Their love is just so adorable.

9. All Kinds Of #Goals


10. Strong Feelings

Zigi fans are really excited.

11. Drastic Times...

Some are resorting to extreme measures...

12. No. Words.


13. For The Fashion-Minded

Gingham is hardcore #trending.

14. When You Can't Cope

It's seriously too much to handle.

15. All The #Feels

LOL, but I totally feel her pain.

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Image: gigihadid/Instagram