The Snapchat Every Twentysomething Should Follow

We all have certain types of Snapchat friends — the artsy kid who got lost looking for Instagram, the babe whose filter game is on fleek, the one who seems to send snaps exclusively from the toilet. But there are very few and far between who turn Snapchat into genuine performance art, and for that you should look no further than Girl With No Job's Snapchat account (username girlwithnojob). If the name sounds familiar, that's because you're likely already following Claudia Oshry, aka Girl With No Job, on her infamous Instagram account. Thirsty for more artful snark and pizza memes up in your life? Turns out you can get up close and personal with the champion of twentysomething hot messes everywhere if you're willing to ~snap~ to it.

A bit of background for anyone who's not familiar with Girl With No Job's history: the Instagram account was launched by NYU student Claudia Oshry a few years ago, and has since amassed a following of over two million humans. Scrolling down her feed is like looking into the private and lol-tastic recesses of your own brain — that is, if your brain could translate all your life experiences into spot-on memes so relatable that you might find yourself cry-laughing on the subway during your evening commute and low key scaring other passengers.

But if you're only following her Instagram, then I have news for you: YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. The Girl With No Job Snapchat is its own entity, all starring Claudia herself, who alternates between sharing hilarious snippets of her life and several themed segments — some of which I may or may not have spent my weekend creepily screenshotting just so you could sample this Snap sauce.

On the best of best days, Claudia will entertain her fellow Snappers with "Bathtime Q&A" or her cast of wig personalities (among them Kylie, Claudette, and Rainbow, aka your new #SquadGoals). And when I said performance art, I meant performance art. Girl commits to these bits hardcore.

If you're lucky, you'll catch one of the Bathtime Q&A sessions for yourself and get her to answer whatever hard-hitting life question you happen to have for her.

Brace yourselves for the unadulterated hilarity (and also mad props to whoever came up with these questions).

Her very astute answer: "Why aren't you following me on Instagram?" (Although the blow of that has to be significantly less than the win of Sarah Jessica Parker following her this week.) Among the riveting questions this week were a game of f*ck, marry, kill with none other than Jon Hamm, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Timberlake. And while that might stump the average human, Claudia does NOT hold back. For all that wisdom and more, get thee to thy "add contacts" on Snapchat and get on girlwithnojob's level — and just remember while you're Snapping that nobody's Snap game is as strong as the QUEEN'S.

Images: Pexels; girlwithnojob/Snapchat