11 Funniest Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Finding the funniest Instagram accounts that you should follow is like finding the perfect love: It can take a lot of searching and often feel hopeless. Many of us already know that Instagram good for a lot of things: following (read: stalking) your favorite celebs and fashion instagram accounts, sharing amazing experiences, looking at adorable well-dressed puppies, and making yourself envious of other people’s vacations. Although at times you may feel that Instagram brings you way too many selfies and photos of other people’s food, the photo-sharing platform is also the perfect venue for injecting some much needed laughter into your daily life. There are a lot of very hilarious people on Instagram, so I’ve done you the service of creating a list of funniest Instagram accounts that you should be following right now.

The style of humor for the Instagrams I’ve included range from the angsty, to the creative, to gloriously weird. Though my sense of humor tends to skew toward the snarkier side of things, I couldn’t bear to leave out some ridiculously fun pictures of hipster dogs, and a whole account made up of visual penis jokes – I am, after all, merely a human being. So read this list, go follow these intrepid Instagrammers, and be thankful it’s the weekend – because I guarantee you’ll be getting nothing done for the next 48 hours at least. You’re welcome.

1. Girl With No Job

The brain child of NYU student Claudia Oshry, Girl With No Job offers the perfect blend of snark, pop culture, and fast food love.

2. Texts From Your Ex

Texts From Your Ex gives us cringe-worthy conversations between real exes. I think what makes this Instagram so satisfying is that we’ve all have texting convos like this before. Reading through this feed, you’ll find yourself thinking “Oof. So glad I’m not part of that mess” and “Oh my God, this feels so familiar” at the same time.

3. Fly Art Productions

The premise of Fly Art Productions is simple: Rap lyrics paired with classic paintings. And I LOVE it.

4. Unspirational

For those times when you simply CANNOT with all the inspirational messages showing up on social media, Unspirational will comfort you with unadulterated snark.

5. Eavesdropper

Eavesdropper borrows bits of conversation heard on the street, and turns them into typographic art. The contrast between the beautiful print and the complete randomness of the text is gold.

6. ThatLooksLikeADick

I never claimed that my sense of humor was sophisticated, did I? ThatLooksLikeADick offers exactly what it sounds like: pictures of things that look like penises. Read it and let the juvenile giggles flow.

7. DigbyVanWinkle

This Instagram follows two insanely adorable griffons in New Zealand. One could argue that this feed should be listed in a “Cutest Animals of Instagram” list, but these pups and their hipstery costumes make me so happy that I have to list them here.

8. OMGLiterallyDead

OMGLiterallyDead chronicles the adventures of Instagram user Skellie, your average hipster millennial who happens to also be an actual skeleton. She follows such Instagram conventions as photographing her food, posting artful images of her own feet, and complaining about Mondays. OMGLiterallyDead is very weird and very, very funny.

9. Satiregram

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the best part of Instagram is making fun of Instagram. Satiregram skewers Instagram stereotypes by simply describing the things that people post over and over (and over and over and over…).

10. We Should Break Up

Texts between people with relationship problems worse than yours. I have a feeling that many of these people will soon be posting to Texts From Your Ex.

11. MyDayWithLeo

Celebrity heads + Real people’s bodies = Hilarity, for reasons I can’t quite explain.