Why Spending Weeknights Alone Is The Best

by Lily Feinn
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Whether you are are in a relationship, have a nosy roommate, or live in a busy college dorm, private time is a sacred thing. Having enough time to ourselves to do the things that we desire, helps us refocus, recharge, relax and improves concentration. If you don’t stand up for your “me” time it can be eaten up by chores, work, and social obligations. Even if you live with someone you love more than anything, you don’t always love being around them 100 percent of the time. A study by the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research found that of 373 couples, 29 percent said they didn’t get enough “privacy or time for self.” That’s nearly a third of the respondents, and an even higher percentage of the women!

If you don’t protect and set aside time for yourself you may feel unmoored and it can affect your overall happiness. Giving yourself permission to take time alone can bring on feelings of guilt or selfishness, but it actually has been scientifically proven to improve relationships.

But don’t wait till the weekends to unwind! Most people tend to save chores and hangouts for the weekend, so it can be extra difficult to use those nights as your alone time. Weeknights are the perfect “me” time comprise, and having weeknights to yourself will help you feel less rundown. Here are some reasons why saving Monday through Friday nights for yourself is the absolute best!

1. You Are Recharged And Ready For Work

Taking alone time has been shown to help with concentration and productivity. Having time after work, once you put away the to-do list, to engage in meditation and contemplation will heighten your creativity and may lead to new ideas for your job. Private time is an essential part of a good work-life balance, so don't feel bad for not being a weeknight warrior!

2. It Helps You Maintain A Healthy Routine

Once the work day is over, the to-do list continues. Trying to fit shopping for groceries, doing laundry, and hitting up the gym into your schedule can leave little time to truly unwind. Protecting your alone time during the week helps us meet our goals and not feel overwhelmed by the little things.

3. You Have The Energy To Work On Personal Projects

Whether that means crafting, writing, a passion for adult coloring books, or playing a sport — making time to pursue a recreational interest during the week takes the pressure off the weekend. If you allocate all the fun stuff for the weekend, the week can turn into an endless grind. Allowing yourself to focus on your personal interests gives the week variety and engages your brain on multiple different levels. It can also help with stress reduction!

4. It's Easier To Get Quality Sleep

Success at work and in the classroom are linked to a good night's sleep. Tucking yourself in early can have all sorts of health benefits, such improving memory, decreasing inflammation and stress, and even helping you eat healthier. Studies show that unplugging and disconnecting before bed leads to better sleep quality. So take the time to snooze during the week for overall quality of life improvements and save the raging for the weekend.

5. You Avoid The Disruptive "Happy Hour" Drunk

An after-work Happy Hour gathering can be an awesome tool for networking with colleagues and a fun way to blow off steam afterwork. But grabbing a few discount cocktails too frequently can also have detrimental affects. Consuming alcohol can disrupt your sleep, even if it's a few glasses of wine six hours before bedtime. Going from work to the bar can disrupt your dinnertime as well. Before you know it, the time you would have spent cooking a healthy meal has been replaced with an order of hot wings and fries, and the other chores can start piling up, adding unnecessary stress to an already busy week.

6. You Will Be Ready (And Not Run Down) For The Weekend

If you take ample alone time during the week, you will feel ready for the weekend when Friday finally roles around. Accomplishing your chores, finishing extra work, and focussing on yourself has left you with two full days of pure enjoyment. You will appreciate your close relationships even more, and extract the most value from couples time or fun with friends.

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