7 ‘Grace & Frankie’ Season 2 Spoilers That The New Trailer Reveals — VIDEO

The only thing that has been more brutal than waiting for the Gilmore Girls revival to be released on Netflix has been waiting for Season 2 of Grace and Frankie to premiere. I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly do well with cliffhangers — so when Season 1 ended with Frankie sleeping with her ex-husband who had previously revealed to her , I had a full-on conniption fit in my living room. Great, I thought. Now I’m going to have to wait forever to find out what really happened. Well, it’s finally time to put an end to my almost year-long temper tantrum, because Season 2 is officially on its way, and the new trailer that was released on Monday includes a ton of spoilers from the new season of Grace and Frankie.

As most trailers do, this one gives us a few hints as to what is going on in the lives of Frankie and Grace these days. But it also goes a step beyond the normal trailer fare to reveal some pretty exciting spoilers that we can look forward to in Season 2. Because no one would expect these women to be resting on their laurels, and it looks like, in Season 2, they’re up to even more antics as they discover themselves after their concurrent divorces.

1. Frankie Isn’t Keeping Things To Herself

That whole "affair" thing apparently becomes common knowledge.

2. Grace Is Still Her Same, Spunky Self

And by “spunky,” I mean she's making a vodka watermelon.

3. Frankie Is Dating Someone New

And he looks like a young one.

4. And, So Is Grace!

These women clearly are getting their groove back.

5. They’re Trying New Things

Grace joins a bowling league. Hey, it’s a great way to meet people.

6. They’re Still Trying To Embrace Technology

Did I mention that bowling league happens to be digital? For a woman who struggles with her computer, this seems like a major step in the right direction.

7. They’re Starting To Ask Each Other The Really Tough Questions

Both “What do you want?” and “Couldn’t we fight for the right to masturbate after lunch?” are incredibly important questions to ask if you want to live a fulfilling life.

Check out the entire new season when it premieres on Netflix on May 6. I know I’ll be watching.

Image: Netflix US & Canada/YouTube (7); Netflix