The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Will Feature Newbies

I know I’m just as excited as the next Gilmore Girls fan that the core four will definitely be returning to the four-part Netflix revival, but, as the casting news has trickled in for the Gilmore Girls revival and it’s become apparent that pretty much everyone is returning to reprise their parts, I’ve become even more excited to see what 2016 has in store for these characters. But when E! reported that a whole new cast of characters would be joining the Gilmore Girls revival and mingling with the regulars in Stars Hollow, I was thrilled to hear that some new life would be breathed into the Gilmore Girls revival. So what exactly do we know about these new Gilmore Girls characters?

Apparently a lot. According to the report by E!, there will be a number of new characters that are definitely more than just extras. Instead of just walking the streets behind the regulars, these additions will have fully fleshed out characters. There’s a Peruvian couple named Berta and Alejandro. There’s also Nat Compton, a man so miserable he puts Luke’s early cynicism to shame. There’s Dewey, a 13-year-old, Clementina, a nanny from Portugal, Tim and his sister Gabriela, and then Lane’s two twin boys, Stevie and Kwan. Oh, and there’s also a “Michael Cera type” who sounds incredibly interesting to me. Paul is his name, and he’s “a good boyfriend.”

Hmmmm. Interesting way to describe a man. To whom is he such a good boyfriend? All of this has me wondering if any of them will be vying for Rory’s heart. Especially since Amy Sherman-Palladino said in an exclusive interview with TV Line that Rory would be dating in the revival.

How these characters will fit into Stars Hollow isn’t entire clear yet, but the fact that they have names, ages, and personality types tells me that they’re going to add a whole new level of interest to this four-episode revival. Especially since everything Amy Sherman-Palladino touches turns to gold. Especially her characters. No one writes a character like Amy Sherman-Palladino does, and I’m sure each of these new additions will be amazing too.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy