Wisconsin Says You Better Curd Out & Vote

On Tuesday, Wisconsin voters headed to the polls to cast their votes in the 2016 presidential primaries. Soon after polls officially closed, the state's projected winners were already announced. The results of Wisconsin's primary are important for both parties, because the race is about halfway through the presidential primaries, and are expected to play a big role in who will take the nomination. But the results aren't the only thing you should be looking out for during Tuesday night's primaries, because these cheesy Wisconsin primary jokes are just as important.

Based on the most recent exit polls, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the winner of the GOP race in Wisconsin, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is the winner of the Democratic race. The tension between both parties — and within both parties — is certainly heating up, with Wisconsin voters both "feeling the Bern" and also saying "Never Trump." In fact, 55 percent of registered Wisconsin Republicans said they would be "concerned" or "scared" if Donald Trump were elected into the White House. And with a win for Cruz in Wisconsin, the Republican frontrunner won't take the nomination without a fight.

But presidential primaries aside, here's a roundup of some good ole' Wisconsin primary jokes for all the cheeseheads out there — you know who you are.

This Caricature Of Ted Cruz

Just as the cartoon states, Cruz reportedly refused to wear a cheesehead during his campaign stop on Monday, stating "no funny hats." While he reluctantly ended up with the cheese on his head to score a few extra votes in the state — and ultimately winning its primary — maybe Cruz is on to something. Maybe it's time to retire the cheese hat?

Trump's Losing Surprise

After losing Wisconsin's GOP primary, maybe Trump wants some cheese with that w[h]ine. While he didn't end up holding a press conference, Trump's campaign did post a temper tantrum statement of sorts after his loss, adding "Lyin' Ted" to his Trojan horse collection.

Did Wisconsin Get Drunk On Trump's Wine?

Probably not — everyone knows Wisconsin is home of the champagne of beers.

The Whole Gang Together

BREAKING: Trump, Clinton, Cruz, and Sanders were reportedly spotted together, sporting some of this season's latest cheeses. Trump brought his own name-brand cheese, which is selling for $1,800 a piece — "It's yuuuuuge."

Bernie Won The Primary And Kip Was Like...

"OMG, Napoleon, I've been racking in votes all day."

Clinton Is Maybe Not Quite As Thrilled


Fusion Brought Back Our Zodiac Killer Questions

Someone call Sarah Koenig, because this is big news for Serial.

Zodiac Killer Or Not, Cruz Says "Hello, Wisconsin!"

That Cruz Show aired on April 5 when the presidential candidate celebrated his big Wisconsin win.

And Of Course, It Wouldn't Be The Same Without Jordan

Didn't get enough of the Crying Michael Jordan memes after Monday night's NCAA Championship Title? Well, here's one more for you.

Now get back to those primary results!