We Tried "Powerpuff Yourself" On These Iconic Feminists & Mindy Kaling Had To Have This Cat

Thanks to Cartoon Network's nifty "Powerpuff Yourself" website, you can turn anyone into a member of the '90s cartoon girl-power clan. Iconic feminists are real-life Powerpuff Girls in their own right, so why not test out the technology on them?

In the late '90s and early '00s, Cartoon Network aired The Powerpuff Girls and shattered what it meant to be the "perfect little girl" after Professor Plutonium accidentally added "Chemical X" to a docile mixture of "sugar, spice, and everything nice." Their names may be disarmingly cute, but Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup are fierce battlers of Townsville's various supervillains. Essentially, the trio was the feminist force of the cartoon world. Cartoon Network recently decided to bring the beloved series back to television screens everywhere. In the meantime, it's released "Powerpuff Yourself" to keep you entertained.

On Monday, Bustle's Lauren Holter put a new spin on the 2016 elections by Powerpuff-izing each of the presidential candidates. The results were everything you could have imagined and more. Now, some of the most famous feminists of today are up next. And they might just inspire a new superhero series ... or a set of awesome animated posters.

Emma Watson

In 2014, Watson pursued a new career path, becoming the United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador. She made a speech for a new campaign she helped pioneer called "He for She." She's using her boombox to get the feminist message out to both women and men.


In her song "Flawless," Beyoncé confronts the way society measures women. Her dancing in the music video is jerky, unrestricted, angry, and nevertheless sexy, defying the distinction between "feminine" and "masculine" movement. She doesn't wear a tutu, but definitely she knows how to rock a leotard on stage.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As if her history in the Supreme Court wasn't enough to proclaim her an iconic feminist, Ginsburg began her career at the ACLU's Women's Rights Project. When it comes to furthering women's rights in America, Ginsburg is the biggest cheerleader. Armed with her knowledge of the law, she's unstoppable.

Betty Friedan

The author of The Feminine Mystique, which helped spark the second wave of feminism in the United States during the '60s, Friedan the president and co-founder of the National Organization for Women. Her story provides a snapshot into the inequalities women, who were expected to be housewives, faced decades ago.

Mindy Kaling

The creator, writer, producer, and star of The Mindy Project is doing it all, and making sure that she gets recognized for the quality of her work, not because she's a girl in charge. The comedian has denounced the way women screenwriters are viewed as anomalies. According to her, women and men's equal involvement in the world of television should be pretty normal. If you're wondering why she has a frightened-looking cat, watch this clip.