How To Wash A Swimsuit Correctly So It'll Last For Summers To Come

After a day at the beach, your gorgeous swimsuit can get pretty wrecked. If you're wondering how to clean it without ruining the shape, I've scouted out how to wash a swimsuit correctly so you don't have to worry! Just follow the tips below and your swimsuit will last for years to come.

And no, swimming in a clean, chlorinated pool does not count as "cleaning" your swimsuit. In fact, chlorine can really do a number on your favorite suit. Health explained, "In time, the fabric will shred, the color will fade, and the elastic will break down [thanks to chlorine]. It can also turn your white suit yellow." Yikes. To help prevent this from happening, the mag advised, "The next time you shop for a new swimsuit, it’s a good idea to check the tag to see if it is chlorine- and fade-resistant. A high spandex content is a plus, since it will help your suit keep its shape. You can also check for a satisfaction guarantee."

If the swimsuit of your dreams isn't chlorine-resistant and you don't want to ruin it, there's totally hope! The cleaning strategies below are easy, affordable, and will help keep your suit looking like new.

1. Rinse Immediately

Whether you've been in a salty ocean or chlorine-filled pool, POPSUGAR advised rinsing off your suit immediately in tap water after so the salt or chemicals can't dry into the fabric.

2. Hand Wash

Natural Lemon Hand Soap, $4.59, J R Watkins

To ensure your swimsuit doesn't lose its shape, hand-washing in cold water is the way to go. Swimsuits Direct suggested only using gentle hand soap on your suit, as detergent could cause the colors to fade.

And if a strong chlorine smell is present, Health recommended adding a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the wash water to quell the stank.

3. Air Dry

The dryer will likely mangle your beautiful suit, so POPSUGAR recommended only gently rolling out excess wash water before hanging your suit to dry. Remember to avoid direct sunlight, as the rays could fade the colors!

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