Catherine Avery Is Up To No Good On 'Grey's'

Divorced from Jackson or not, April’s pregnancy should be a happy point on Grey’s Anatomy. The death of April and Jackson’s first son, Samuel, due to a birth defect was absolutely crushing to watch, and the potential to have a healthy child is basically what keeps April going. I had hopes for April and Jackson to bond over this baby and realize that they did love each other all along, but now that’s shot to hell. Why? Because Jackson’s mother, Catherine Avery, is meddling in the divorce. Will Jackson sue April on Grey’s Anatomy for keeping this pregnancy from him pre-divorce?

Catherine came into town all nice and friendly-like to suss this all out — I guess Jackson told her about the pregnancy off camera. She found April in a break room, and she started talking about how hard it is to be pregnant as a surgeon, what it was like to be pregnant with Jackson, etc. etc., buttering April up to reveal how she knew she was pregnant, how far along she was, and more. It seemed like a grandmother just wanting the chance to know her unborn grandchild, but Catherine’s intentions are much more nefarious. In a later conversation with Jackson, Catherine said that they had everything they needed to take down April because she knew she was pregnant before she signed the divorce papers and she withheld information. Oh, child, no.

I don’t know that Jackson would go along with it, but considering he’s not happy with April for hiding this pregnancy from him, he could at least think about taking April to court. If Catherine found him in the right mood, I bet he would say yes. This is, frankly, a terrible idea if Catherine and Jackson want to know their grandchild/child at all in the future. What makes them think that April isn’t going to withhold her kid from these crazies should they bring her to court? I definitely would. I hope that it doesn’t come to that, and I hope that Jackson is able to rein his mother in and send her on the first flight back to Boston. There’s no room for blackmail here, ma.

Images: Ron Batzdorff/ABC; Giphy