Here's How To Buy Carrie's Tutu From 'SATC'

by Gina Jones 2

Even if you never got around to watching Sex And The City properly, only tuning into the odd episode whenever your roommate put it on, you would likely recognize Carrie Bradshaw's tutu skirt from a mile away. As the beloved look from the show's opening credits, women the world over have wanted to buy Carrie's tutu skirt since the show aired in 1998. And now we actually can.

Patricia Field, Sex And The City's internationally-recognized costume designer, recently closed the doors to her much-adored club kid boutique in Manhattan. But on April 6, she announced that a "Patricia Field Sex And The City Collection" was now available on her e-commerce site. The line includes the much sought-after tutu skirt, as well as similar tulle designs for those who want to be inspired by the show's style without copying it completely.

As well as the skirt, Field has also launched three custom nameplate necklaces á la Bradshaw herself. Although the preview reads "Carrie," these necklaces can be designed to sport whatever word you fancy in 14 carat gold.

If all these Carrie-isms aren't enough to satisfy your Sex And The City adoration — and if you also happen to have a few thousand dollars sitting around — Carrie's engagement ring, "as seen on Sex And The City," is also available for $10,000.

"Carrie" Tutu Skirt by Patricia Field, $140,

Carrie's Engagement Ring, $10,000,

Personally, I'm elated that these items have come in stock. As a fashion-driven show that helped launch Field's career, it only makes sense that the designer would work toward the clothing in the series becoming available to those who lusted after it for so many years.

As for those among us mourning the end of Field's eponymous boutique, the new collection is proof that just because the store has shut its doors doesn't mean Field will do the same.

Custom Nameplate Necklace in 14k Gold, $270,

Costs might be on the pricier side, but the authenticity and quality of these items far surpasses that of the many times we tried to recreate Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe for Halloween.

Single Tiered Over The Knee Length "Carrie" Tutu Skirt, $180,

Personally, I almost feel that this capsule collection is more about Patricia Field than Sex And The City. Her costume design helped make the show what it was, and this line is a celebration of the looks she created — many of which went on to become so iconic.

The tutu skirt was never just Carrie's. And now it can be yours, too.

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Images: HBO (1); Courtesy Patricia Field