16 Amazing Food Gifts For Mom

If you're looking for a good gift for Mom but seem to be coming up flat, just remember one thing — food-related gifts are always appreciated. Not only do Mother's Day food gifts for Mom show that you're fully aware of her favorite kinds of fruits and chocolates, but it's something she likely won't spend money on for herself. (Sure, it's nice to treat yourself to a discounted Valentine's Day box of chocolates the day after, since — hey, discounted chocolate — but it's typically seen as an awkward gift to buy for yourself.) Plus, getting your mom some treats is an excuse for her, for once in her life, to not have to share it with her kids.

Luckily, there are a ton of food-related gifts that can be shipped directly to your mom, if you're a distance away and can't treat her to a nice, well-deserved brunch. Getting food in the mail is always a nice surprise, and since companies know how important timeliness is (especially since it's your mom, and you don't want to make her feel like an afterthought) they'll likely arrive just in time for the big occasion.

Here are a few of the best sweet treats to send to your mom that will fit a variety of budgets. And, hey — if you end up buying some for yourself as well, nobody has to know.

1. Sea salted caramels & hand-dipped champagne strawberries

This arrangement from Shari's Berries features both dark chocolate and milk chocolate caramels and 12 hand-dipped strawberries — all have champagne flavoring, but half of the dozen is finished off with shimmer sugar, with the other half in gold swizzles. What's a swizzle? Who knows, but they sure look delicious. As one reviewer says, "It was mouth-watering and felt delicious on my tongue." Can't get better than that.

Sea Salted Caramels & Full Dozen Hand-Dipped Champagne Strawberries, $49.97, Shari's Berries

2. Signature truffle trio

Next to Ben & Jerry, Harry & David are second place in men who know how to cheer us up. If your mom is a fan of chocolate, she'll love this signature truffle trio. You can choose to send over six truffles, 12 truffles, or 24 truffles in varying flavors. Even better, you can add on some wine to your purchase if you want to boost it up a notch.

Signature Truffle Trio, starting at $39.99, Harry & David

3. Popcorn kernel and seasoning sets

If your mom likes to snack on popcorn during movie nights, spice up the occasion with this unique set. Choose between a selection of sweet kernels, which includes flavors like pumpkin pie and cinnamon, or a savory set, which features spicy cajun and barbecue.

Popcorn Kernel And Seasonings Set, $30.00, Uncommon Goods

4. "The Fruit To Mom's Heart" basket

If your mom is a big fruit fan, and lets chocolate take a second place in her snacking preference (which is tough to understand, but as it's her day, we can let this one pass), Edible Arrangements offers a ton of amazing selections. This one in particular includes cantaloupe, grapes, and super pretty pineapple daisies — as well as a chocolate pop, for when she's in the mood to indulge a little.

The Fruit To Mom's Heart, $59.00, Edible Arrangements

5. Godiva 90th Anniversary Gift Box

It doesn't get any more classic than a box of chocolates, and Godiva's 90th anniversary gift box gives Mom a sampling of all the luxury brand's top creations through the decades. You know the only thing Mom loves more than chocolate is you, so this year, give her exactly what it is she wants

Godiva 90th Anniversary Gift Box, $36.00, Godiva

6. Sprinkles Mom box

Cupcakes are the perfect treat, and if your mom is a fan of baked goods, this will be a winning gift. The bakers over at Sprinkles have concocted this tasty little gift box of vanilla, dark chocolate, salted caramel, and red velvet cupcakes that you can order online between May 6 and May 8. These cupcakes will arrive with some fantastic mom-centric decor. Or, if you'd just prefer to mix and match your own flavors, you can do that as well through their website.

Sprinkles Mom Box, prices vary, Sprinkles Cupcakes

7. Cinnamon rolls

There's something so comfortable about cinnamon rolls, and this set of six from Williams Sonoma is bound to make your mom happy. Available online only, these buns are stuffed with cinnamon and brown sugar. As one review states, they're "DEE-LISH-USS".

Cinnamon Rolls, $39.95, Williams Sonoma

8. Cheese Mart favorites gift tray

If your mom is a cheese fan, this cute gift will make her smile. This sampler comes from Wisconsin, otherwise known as the land of cheese, so it'll probably be better than anything you'd find at your local grocery store. The cheeses that are included in this tray from Wisconsin Cheese Mart have been specially selected for specific food pairings.

Cheese Mart Favorites Gift Tray, $40.00, Wisconsin Cheese Mart

9. Lady bug gift box

Your mom will truly feel like spring has sprung with this adorable gift box from Cheryl's. This box includes fudge, cookies, and pretzel clusters. The best thing about Cheryl's is that they also offer a lot of gluten-free and sugar-free gifts, in case your mom has dietary restrictions (but still has a sweet tooth.)

Lady Bug Gift Box, $24.99, Cheryl's

10. Ice cream topping tray

We all scream for ice cream, but our screams get even louder when toppings are involved. This set from DeBrand Fine Chocolates includes five fun toppings, as well as two jars of nuts. One of the toppings included is called Crispy Peanut Butter, which sounds totally mouthwatering.

Ice Cream Topping Tray, $84.00, DeBrand Fine Chocolates

11. Classic pears, apples, and cheese gift

This gift basket from Harry & David makes for the ultimate snack. Your mom will be happy pairing some fresh fruit with sharp cheddar and gouda. What more could you ask for in a gift?

Classic Pears, Apples, And Cheese Gift, $39.99, Harry & David

12. Super sweet snack gift basket

If your mom thinks "chips" when the word "snacks" is mentioned, this basket would be right up her alley. offers quite a selection of chocolate and chips in the basket size of your choice. The regular basket starts at $43.99, or you can supersize it premium for $59.99. It also offers same day delivery.

Super Sweet Snack Gift Basket, prices vary,

13. "Breakfast In Bed" Mother's Day gift basket

If Mom is tired of having a bland breakfast every morning, this gift basket will help her kick things up a few notches. has packaged up the best organic breakfast materials to make sure she gets a healthy and energized start to her day. Nobody will frown over artisan coffee and wild blueberries. And hey, shipping is free!

Mother’s Day Gift Basket - Breakfast in Bed, $89.99,

14. 15-piece chocolate-covered sampler

You know that anything from a company called Chocolate Covered Company will be good, but this sampler is probably the best of the best. Not only can you add a theme to your gift for a few extra bucks, but you know your mom will be in good hands with chocolate-covered Rice Krispies bites, pretzels, and Oreos. Plus, if you choose to have these delivered on Tuesdays through Fridays, shipping is free.

15-piece Chocolate Covered Sampler, $49.95, Chocolate Covered Company

15. Mother's Day sweet boutique tower

Want your gift to make an impression? Good news — this gorgeous tower from Gift Tree will surely impress. These six boxes include chocolate, truffles, and pretzels, along with some gummies from Haribo as well.

Mother's Day Sweet Boutique Tower, $39.95, Gift Tree

16. A dozen muffins

If your mom is a muffin-fanatic, she'll truly love a fresh assortment from Muffins On Main Street. This company packages up both muffins and crumb cakes in a bunch of different, fun flavors. Try the Best-Selling package, which includes a dozen of the company's most popular selections, including cheese cake, birthday cake, and pound cake.

Muffin assortment, prices vary, Muffins On Main Street