What Is Brian Dunkleman Doing Now? The Former 'American Idol' Host Is Still Hustling In Entertainment

Raise your hand if you remember Brian Dunkleman. Take a trip in the way back machine with me, all the way back to the first season of American Idol. Ryan Seacrest may be the only ringmaster of the Idol stage nowadays, but that wasn't always the case. Ryan had a hosting partner for the very first season and that American Idol co-host was Brian Dunkleman. He left on his own accord after the first season to pursue an acting career. But, now, 15 seasons later, he will be appearing for the series finale. So, what has Brian Dunkleman been up to lately?

Well, it turns out that he actually kind of regrets leaving his American Idol gig so early. He didn't exactly blow up in the acting world, and, as we all know, Ryan Seacrest pretty much owns the E! network and created Kardashians. According to Access Hollywood, Brian told Joy Behar in 2010 that he didn't make the wisest choice in leaving the franchise. "I have what many people refer to as ‘poor judgment,’” he joked. "Listen, I’d like to say I was just young and stupid, but the truth is, I really wasn’t that young."

According to his IMDB, Brian did have a stint on Celebrity Fit Club, a voice gig on The Fairly OddParents and Family Guy, and a couple of other background roles. Nowadays, according to his official website, you can find Brian doing standup at The Laugh Factory and Improv in Los Angeles. He also has a podcast called The Dunk Tank and is being a father to his little Dunkleman.

It will be interesting to see the former host back on the American Idol stage once again for the finale. Hold on to your nostalgia helmets, it's bound to bring back memories of cheesy jokes and spiky hair!