What Do Kylie Lip Glosses Feel Like? Here's What The Texture Is Really Like

The shipments of glosses are starting to roll in, so get ready to see more and more swatches, reviews and tutorials online. Now that people have their purchases, the rest of us who didn’t snag one before they sold out get to find out the answer to the one question on all of our minds these days. What do the Kylie Glosses feel like? I mean, most lip glosses are pretty sticky, after all.

Well, according to the brand’s Twitter, one fan of the product has found the formula to be “super rich and pigmented.” She also mentioned that it doesn’t feel sticky. So, all those hesitant to purchase the gloss because they were weary of what it would feel like — *raises hand* — can breath a sigh of relief. I should have know better that Jenner of all people wouldn’t deliver sticky lip glosses that leave you with hair clinging to your lips in a strong breeze. Psh, no way. She’s better than that.

And thank goodness she is. Some lip glosses offer barely any color and then have you scared to open and close your mouth because of the sticking that occurs. But, if this review of the product is true, then these seem to be the exact opposite. They’re apparently offering full coverage, deep color and a silky smooth texture because that’s just what to expect when Jenner goes from mattes to glosses (and anything in between). Perfection.

This is such good news for Kylie Cosmetics fans (a.k.a. the entire world!).

The whole non-sticky thing. It's a big deal.

So, if you thought you wanted them before — you're really going to want them now.

Just look at how gorgeous those colors are, too.

It really does seem to have the perfect consistency.

Yep, that's definitely a good-looking gloss, if you ask me.

I'm sold. Jenner, you've gone and done it to me, again.

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Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)