Are Kylie's Glosses Sold Out Already?

The time has come for the next installment of Kylie Cosmetics. This lip product maven is back and better than ever with a new line of lip glosses. Are Kylie Jenner’s Glosses already sold out? It's only a matter of time before they're all gone. More like, minutes, if these shiny lacquers sell out nearly as quickly as her matte lipsticks have done. Repeatedly. UPDATE: All three Kylie Gloss shades and the collection of all three are sold out.

Three shades are available to shop. "Like," "Literally," and "So Cute" are going for $15 dollars each. Or, for the first time, there was an option to purchase all three shades at once for $45. This was actually the first to sell out because it made it much easier to get your hands on all of the hues without having to go through the process of adding them to your cart individually. That's exactly what Kylie Cosmetics enthusiasts were hoping to see, and of course, Jenner delivered. It was a smart marketing move, if you ask me.

Whether you're into darker or lighter shades, there's a way for you to pull off the perfect nude-colored pout, all while having a glossy finish. So, if you're in the market for a Jenner-approved flawless lip look, you know where to look!

These were bound to be a hit!