Nikki Glaser's 'Perfect' Stand-Up Special Is Far From It & That's The Whole Point — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Nikki Glaser wants you to know that she isn't perfect. In fact, that's one of the many things that her first stand-up comedy special, Perfect, is set to prove when it debuts on Comedy Central on Saturday, April 9. In this exclusive clip from Glaser's Perfect special, the comedian discusses something you probably wouldn't associate with that word: birth control. "[The IUD procedure] is the most painful procedure ever. I blacked out during it. Because I was drunk," she jokes. "But the pain was also probably a thing." Welcome to the comedic world of Nikki Glaser, a woman who pulls no punches on stage or off it.

The 31-year-old, currently best known to fans as the host and star of Comedy Central's Not Safe With Nikki Glaser, says that she has a complicated relationship with the word perfect, a relationship that everyone can relate to. "I was just thinking about that word and how it’s followed me around my whole life. I’ve always wanted to be perfect, and there is no perfect," she explains to Bustle. "We hear the word constantly, but we’re told [it doesn’t exist]. I still think it’s something that, in the back of my head, I want to be. But I also want to be a role model for people not to want to be that."

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This explanation is exactly in tune with the kind of feminist comedy that Glaser is famous for. Whether it has to do with self-image or embarrassing situations, sex in all of its one night stand, masturbatory, hilarious and gross and wonderfu glory, or even just a self-deprecating joke at her own expense, she isn't afraid to go there, either on her show or in this special. And that kind of confidence wasn't easily won, either, which is why the Not Safe host makes it a point now not to hold anything back in every aspect of her comedy. "I just want to make world where I can talk to that girl [I was at 14], and maybe that girl who is out there at 14... can feel better about herself," she says. "And I can save that girl from going through what I went through."

If that means talking about everything that isn't theoretically OK to talk about in public, then that's exactly what Glaser is going to do. She's creating a comfortable space for women to talk about whatever they want to talk about, be that the IUD procedure or their best sex stories, be that surrogacy or getting pregnant, be that feminism, sexism, politics, and everything in between.

"I think it was just a f*ck you to the word perfect," says Glaser. "Because this whole special was just about me not being perfect. Being the opposite." And that's what you can expect from Glaser come April 9, and exactly what makes Perfect worth tuning into. All those things you're thinking but are too shy to say, all those things that make you a little less than perfect, Glaser is dragging them all out in the open and making them hilarious and charming and relatable all at once. Just like her.

Check out the exclusive clip below.