Here's What To Wear To A Summer Wedding, Because Things Can Get Complicated

There comes a time in everyone's life when it seems every acquaintance or friend you've had is tying the knot. This means a fridge full of wedding invitations, many of the affairs falling during summer. So here's what to wear to a summer wedding because things can get complicated. With the potential for extreme heat, your own style to consider, and even just the sheer number of summer fashion options, figuring out what to rock to those summer nuptials becomes a bit of a mystery.

While many may choose to skip the month of July for their wedding, June has always been well-known for its place as one of the most popular wedding months. Whether or not you've received an invite yet, you can probably put money on the fact that at least a few of your engaged friends will be getting hitched in the summer. The warmer weather months, however, make fashion a bit more tricky than when nuptials take place in the fall. While layering in fall makes any style possible, layering in summer just saws like sheer, overheated pain.

Plus, maybe you'll be seeing your ex from college or maybe it's the fact that you're a major cryer who's worried that your mascara is going to melt down your face, there's at least some anxiety when it comes to wedding attendance. However, there's a way to eliminate one source of anxiety: being prepared for summer wedding fashion. While some may question a guest's maxi dress among a wedding party wearing full length frocks and others who despise rocking dresses may wonder what else is possible when it comes to summer wedding style, there's an option out there for everyone.

When it comes to figuring out what to wear to a summer wedding, you'll find no shortage of style choice.

1. Structured Florals

Chi Chi Long Plus Plunge Front High Low Midi Dress in Floral Print, $106, ASOS Curve

Structure may seem stifling for the summer, but unlike fabrics with more flow, the dress will maintain its shape even until the wee morning hours.

2. Classic Floral Fit-and-Flare

Hotline Spring Dress, $139.99, ModCloth

There's an old rule that you can't wear white to a wedding, but these classic pink and coral florals over a classic, white skirt are perfect for the lady wanting a classic, somewhat retro silhouette without the tightness of a pencil skirt.

3. Jumpsuit

Long Layered Jumpsuit, $99.90, Zara

It may be warm for a summer wedding, but that doesn't mean dresses have to be your only option. If you're not a fan of frocks, a jumpsuit is your answer. Pairing a gorgeous jumpsuit with a pair of heels or wedges will give you the perfect look for a summer wedding.

4. Simple, Flowing Maxi

Elegance Achieved Dress, $150, ModCloth

If you're headed to a more formal affair, a maxi dress is the perfect option. This stunning dress from ModCloth is perfect for its flowing fabric and bare shoulders.

5. High-Low Skirt

ASOS Prom Skirt in Floral Jacquard with Dipped Back, $111, ASOS

Don't rely on dresses for your summer wedding style. Skirts are a fantastic option, too, and personally, I'm a sucker for a high-low skirt. The best thing about them? You're able to show off your gams a little and stay cool, but the back keeps things a bit more dressy.

6. Wide-Leg Trousers

Keepsake Shadeflower Wide-Legs, $178, Anthropolgie

When trying to figure out what to wear to a summer wedding, flowing fabrics are key in my opinion. A wide-leg trouser is a perfect option, especially for those who aren't fans of frocks.

7. Festive Frock

Studio Off the Shoulder Dress, $99.90, Eloquii

Wedding are supposed to be festive, right? This off-the-shoulder beauty is incredibly fun, and the neckline will definitely keep you cool in the heat.

8. Day Appropriate Maxi

Eliza J. Belted Chiffon Maxi Dress, $158, Nordstrom

Not all weddings take place in the evening, and if you're headed to an outdoor ceremony that takes place in the afternoon, you won't want a structured, floor-length dress. A more casual maxi with flowing fabric and a fun pattern is perfect for the occasion.

No matter what your style, you'll find the perfect choice for the plethora of summer weddings headed your way this year. From wide-leg trousers to classic frocks, there's a wedding ensemble that'll have you feeling confident and festive.

Images: Courtesy of brands