8 Pieces Of Feminist Statement Jewelry You Need In Your Life!

Who doesn't love good statement jewelry? I'm not talking about an oversized piece of costume jewelry, either. No, I'm talking an accessory that sends a message. Who doesn't love when style and substance coalesce? These eight pieces of feminist statement jewelry you need in your life are the perfect example of how statement jewelry isn't limited to costume, and that statement pieces can be delicate but still pack the punch of that piece you snagged from Bauble Bar a few weeks ago.

While many would dismiss wearing feminist jewelry as a trite, oversimplified way to advocate feminism, I'd kindly disagree. The term feminist has seemed to come under major fire lately — though it's always been controversial. With celebrities denouncing the term and the usual critics decrying it as misandrist, it's important for feminist to embrace the term without reservations.

By wearing a seemingly simple piece of statement jewelry, not only are you rocking a killer accessory, but you'll be making a statement that feminism and being a feminist isn't something to shy away from but something to be proud of. From delicate necklaces to bold brooches, there's a way to rep feminist jewelry no matter what your style, and these eight pieces of feminist statement jewelry deserve to be in your life.

1. Feminism On A Cuff

Feminism is the Radical Notion That Women are People Hand Stamped Bracelet Aluminum Cuff, $20, Etsy

A simple, practical definition on a minimalist cuff. Yes, please.

2. Suffragette Brooch

Votes for Women Suffragette Feminist Acrylic Brooch, $12, Etsy

If this doesn't inspire you to vote, I don't know what will.

3. Delicate Symbolism

Female Symbol Necklace, Sterling Silver, Feminist Necklace, Venus Symbol Necklace, Feminist Jewelry, Girl Power, Gender Equality, Feminism, $25, Etsy

4. To The Point Feminism

Feminist necklace hand stamped necklace stamped bar necklace personalized jewelry feminist jewelry, $25, Etsy

It says it all, right?

5. Just Say No To Cat Calling

Cat Calling Feminist Badge, $2, Etsy

Cats are cool. Cat calling isn't.

6. Feminism For Those Who Curse

Feminist as Fuck Quote Cuff Feminist Jewelry Curse Bracelet Hand Stamped Bracelet Equal Pay, $30, Etsy

It's a statement, right?

7. Science Meets Feminism

Estrogen Chemical Structure Necklace in Sterling Silver, $90, Etsy

Not going to lie, this incredible piece is my absolute favorite.

8. Smash the Patriarchy

Smash the Patriarchy Necklace, $44, Etsy

There's a legitimate hammer. Smash it. Smash the patriarchy.

Images: AshleyLorrenDesigns/Etsy; flapperdoodle/Etsy; TheEleventhSpirit/Etsy; lachelndesign/Etsy;TheCuratedGiftShop/Etsy; PollyLinn/Etsy; BangupBetty/Etsy