17 Body-Positive and Feminist Jewelry Pieces for All Women to Enjoy While Shaking Off The Haters

To quote The Fault in Our Stars (yep, I totally love that book and film), "The world is not a wish-granting factory." This can apply to pretty much everything: socioeconomic conditions, global warming, politics, relationships, you name it. But it can also apply to our personal perceptions of ourselves — perceptions that can be clouded and manipulated by societal expectations, misogyny, girl-on-girl hatred, and the fact that most mainstream, female celebrities have strikingly similar figures. Suffice it to say, self-love can be a little tricky sometimes.

I cannot speak for all women, nor would I try. But much of my childhood, adolescence, and young adult life were spent wishing I looked a different way — wishing I was, intrinsically, a different person. We're so often taught to fear individuality and uniqueness, that having a positive body image becomes a really difficult feat. Luckily, we also live in an age when people are trying to change that, be they plus-size bloggers, inspiring feminists like Emma Watson, or independent jewelry designers who love to spread self-esteem and self-love.

Yes, that list included jewelry. As of late, loads of unique designers have been transcribing inspirational messages to necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches. If you're tired of all the hate, the body snark, the cattiness, the blame, you might want to check out these 17 pieces of body-pos/feminist artistry.

Chub Love

Your squashy bits deserve some love, too.

Chub Love Brooch, $6,

Fat Pride

For every fat babe who knows how awesome she is.

Fat Babe Necklace, $25,

Burger Babe

Because no one should have to pretend not to love delicious food just because their weight doesn’t fit some crappy socially acceptable number.

Good Burger Necklace, $32,

Love Your Body

Every body is beautiful. Plain and simple.

Purple Floral Feminist ‘My Body is Beautiful’ Necklace, $15,

All Women

Whether you’re tall or short, plump or slender, your body is amazing.

All Bodies are Good Bodies Necklace, $13,

Bikini Body

Do badges count as jewelry? Considering how awesome these “every body is a bikini body” ones are, I vote for yes.

All Bodies are Bikini Bodies – Gurl Scout Merit Badges, $4,

Sweet Treats

Because having a sweet tooth shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself.

Yummy Cake Charm Bracelet, $30,

Lollipop Lady

And if you do have a sweet tooth, you should be able to celebrate your favorite treats.

Rainbow Pop Necklace, $26,

Not Asking For It

Girl power is much needed, and anyone who is exhausted of hearing victim blame and slut shaming will love this piece.

Not Asking For It Necklace, $13,

Listen to Mama Bey

Because Beyoncé knows what she’s talking about when she sings “Every body is flawless.”

Hand-Stamped ‘Flawless’ Washer Necklace on Key Chain, $24,

No More Hate

Most of us need a little lesson in self-love sometimes.

Hand-Stamped ‘Stop Hating Your Body’ Necklace on Key Chain, $24,

Sorry Not Sorry

You should NEVER have to apologize for your body. To anyone. Ever. Seriously.

Sorry Not Sorry Necklace, $13,

Love Those Legs

Whether you have a thigh-gap or chunky thighs that, yes, do chafe sometimes, those legs are gorgeous.

A Super Rad Button…Sweet, $3,

My Body, My Choice

And you should never let anyone take it away from you.

Teal and Pink Conversation Heart ‘My Body, My Choice’ Earrings, $10,


If you ever get tired of people telling you how you should look, how you should act, or whom you should be, this necklace might be for you.

Pink and Black Neon ‘Grown Ass Woman’ Necklace, $15,

Bitch, Please

Haters gonna hate, but you don’t have to listen to any of them.

Bitch Please Large Double Heart Necklace, $23,

Queen of the Universe

Every babe deserves to feel like a princess, after all.

Miss World Large Double Heart Necklace, $26,