The 'Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed' Special Was All About The Tom, Tom, & Jax Bromance

From affectionate teasing to drunken hugs, the biggest (non) secret revealed in the that was revealed in the Vanderpump Rules special was how deep the bromance between Jax, Tom Schwartz, and Tom Sandoval goes. For example, the guys took a trip to Vegas this season, and it was a lot less dramatic than the last few times Jax, Sandoval, and Schwartz went to Sin City. And after watching the missing footage, it's pretty evident why these extended scenes wound up on the cutting room floor. Honestly, the only thing that happened was that the guys drank a ton, danced in their bathing suits, and, for some reason, teased one another by gyrating naked at one another, which perplexed host Andy Cohen.

But while they might have been getting up to some weird hazing in that hotel room, it looks like they managed to leave their guys' trip with their long term relationships in tact. And that's because the only romance they were interested in was with one another. Probably the most scandalous thing that the guys did was go out for pedicures and talk about Jax's fetish for horrible smelling, sweaty feet, which: to each their own, dude.

He says that Brittany loves it, which in addition to Jax's open bathroom door policy, proves that these two are destined to be together. And, of course, Jax revealed that he got a tattoo reading "Tom, Tom & I" on his arm. Jax may occasionally make some huge errors, but he only gets tattoos of people who he really loves (even if he winds up having to cover them with a flower). By the way, I wish Peter would become a permanent part of this friend group. He was the only one willing to put on a Speedo at the pool party.

Unfortunately, the SUR ladies did not have quite as flattering of an edit — even during the fun pool party scene, Ariana was throwing digs at Kristen. But since then, it seems like they ladies have kissed and made up. Aside from a few death stares from Lala, the whole cast was a lot more relaxed during the Secrets Revealed special than they were during the three-part reunion. Vanderpump Rules Season 4 might be over, but I can't wait to see what happens to these crazy SUR-vers — and BFFs — next.

Image: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo (2); Giphy