Which 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Episode Is Melissa McCarthy In?

We've all been keeping out eyes on the ever-expanding list of Gilmore Girls returning characters ever since it was announced Netflix is doing a four episode revival. From all of Rory's love interests to Paul Anka, it seemed as though everyone was returning... well, almost. Well, you can quit your complaining, because after much negotiation Melissa McCarthy announced she's returning to Gilmore Girls on Ellen, so all is right in Stars Hollow again. But when exactly will Sookie show up in the Gilmore Girls revival, anyway?

For those who are just tuning in (all three of you), there was a whole back-and-forth drama about trying to fit Sookie into the show, because you may have noticed that McCarthy is a big shot movie star now. Originally McCarthy claimed she wasn't asked to be in the revival on Twitter, while Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told TVLine that she definitely invited McCarthy to return. Though there was no plot for Sookie from the get-go, the last we left off Sherman-Palladino was saying that if McCarthy found a way to make her schedule work, she could "have her in and out in two hours." And that's what you missed on the last episode of Gilmore Girls.

But can we anticipate when exactly we're going to see McCarthy, so our hearts are properly emotionally prepared for her on screen return? Maybe. One thing we're certain of when it comes to the revival is that each 90-minute episode (or mini-movie, take your pick) represents a different season in Stars Hollow. Now, we've been getting behind-the-scenes photos of the Gilmore Girls set for a while, so we can kind of gauge what's already been shot, or what's about to be shot.

Entertainment Weekly pushed out some of the first official photos of the revival and one picture in particular makes me think Gilmore Girls has already covered the warmer months. It has Lorelai and Rory decked out in their boho best, trying to get tickets (maybe?) for the Stars Hollow musical. The entire vibe screams "lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer."

So now we want to pair that with a recent Tweet from Sean Gunn that shows Luke and Kirk together again... or maybe it's just a selfie with Scott Paterson, who knows.

Either way it's an independently funny shot on its own, but take a close look. Luke is in his trademark flannel, which incidentally is his go-to uniform for any season, even when the weather gets sweltering. Kirk, however, is wearing a thick, cozy-looking sweater. If we're to assume (and I stress that it's an assumption) that Gilmore Girls has already stopped shooting for spring and summer, then that leaves autumn next and finally winter (I'm sure everyone's trying to put off a big snow machine scene for as long as possible).

My guess is this: we're going to have a very Sookie St. James Christmas. While it isn't insane to think that she could pop up in the autumn Gilmore Girls segment, it would be a rush to fit her into whatever storyline is happening there. And well, what's the motivation in that? She's going to fly into to town for the Stars Hollow Leaf-Painting Banquet? Probably not.

Whatever the context may be, I think we're all pretty ecstatic to welcome Sookie back at last.