Yanic Truesdale's Reaction To Sookie Returning To 'Gilmore Girls' Is So Freaking Sweet

Have you heard the entertainment news that's putting the TG in TGIF? This Friday's extra special because it follows the news that none other than the luminous Sookie St James is returning to Gilmore Girls for the four part Netflix revival. Melissa McCarthy confirmed the news on The Ellen Degeneres Show, stating "Literally about an hour and a half ago, we figured out that I'm going to go back and do it, and I am so excited!" You and me both, Sookie. And few people are more excited than her Gilmore family. In particular, Yanic Truesdale's reaction to Sookie returning might just melt your Michel-level-of-frozen heart.

Naturally, a return to Stars Hollow means that McCarthy will be reunited with old friends. Lauren Graham has already tweeted her own ecstatic reaction, which is par for the course since the pair had seven seasons and a whole lot of scenes together to become best friends. A more unexpected reaction came from Truesdale, who played McCarthy's onscreen frenemy, French concierge Michel. While there was endless friction between the pair in the series, in real life McCarthy and Truesdale appear to be the best of friends. See: McCarthy's frequent presence on Truesdale's Instagram account. Truesdale wanted to make sure the Twitterverse knew that Team Gilmore was one player up again:

The fact that McCarthy and Truesdale have remained such close friends after all this time is heartening stuff. While McCarthy has been conquering the world of comedy in multi-million dollar blockbusters like Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy, and (surely) the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, Truesdale's career has quietened down some, with him taking roles in French language TV shows and made-for-TV movies. But despite their discrepancy in acting jobs, the pair seem to be closer than ever, with Truesdale making time to go support McCarthy at her premieres, most recently for The Boss.

But he's not just in it for the glitzy red carpet events. The pair also enjoy hanging out for a quiet meal and a catch up. Guys, did my invite to dinner get lost in the post? Again?

I'm crossing my fingers that the Gilmore Girls writers have been tracking this most beautiful and unexpected of Gilmore Girls cast friendships via Instagram and are going to write in some great scenes for the pair of them. Let's take this real life friendship chemistry and immortalize it forever on the small screen, please. I can just see it now: Hey, Lorelai. Sookie called and she said she can't come round for movie night — she's already got plans to hit a Celine Dion concert with Michel.