Where Can You Buy Balmain Hair Couture? The Luxe Styling Products Are Easy To Get!

Did you miss out on the blockbuster Balmain x H&M aka "Balmainia" collabo last fall? Are you like most of us and unable to afford the brand's high-end fashion offerings? Well, there's a cool consolation prize if you have a case of Balmainia, want to satisfy that jones, and have some extra cash to blow through. Balmain Hair Couture hair care products are actually available to shop and you can do so easily in the U.S. Balmain Hair Couture products aren't cheap, because of course they aren't. But if you love your hair and want to splurge, you are able to do so with this luxe range. Where can you get Balmain's hair products?

Currently, styling products, travel sets, and brushes are available via the brand's U.S. webstore. The range of Balmain hair care products is actually quite extensive. Everything from ceramic brushes to shampoo to conditioner to extension removers to shine spray are there to purchase.

Be forewarned, though. It will be pretty overwhelming when you first cruise on over to the site, simply cause there is so much stuff to browse across several hair categories. That said, chances are, you will find something that will address and solve whatever ails your hair. Or if you are just looking to pamper your locks, well, this is the brand with which you can do so.

Silk Perfume, $42, Balmain Hair Couture

This is a conditioning spray that will scent your strands. Good-smelling hair is a "must!"

Texturizing Salt Spray , $38, Net-A-Porter

Summer is coming so you need something to punch up those beachy waves on any given day... especially if you were nowhere near the ocean.

Dry Shampoo , $38, Net-A-Porter

Dry Shampoo is everything. Balmain Dry Shampoo is double the everything.

Ceramic Brush, $58, Balmain Hair Couture

That may seem like a steep price for a brush. But if you care for it properly, you can use it for beautiful curls or styled bangs for a long, long time.

Argan Moisturizing Elixir , $43, B-Glowing

For smooth, sexy shine! It sounds divine, doesn't it? A little should go a long way, too!

That's just a sampling of products. There is plenty more to sift through! So if you can't cop a Balmain dress, you can totally "settle" for hair products.

Images: Balmain (5)