Haaaaaaave You Met this 'How I Met Your Dad' Star?

How I Met Your Mother fans, it's time to meet your next Mother. Even though devoted followers of the CBS sitcom are still floating around theories about the woman who will soon be Mrs. Ted Mosby — is she dead? Did she give Robin the locket? — the network has announced the identity of its How I Met Your Dad spin-off star: Greta Gerwig. The casting is a bit surprising, considering Gerwig's background — the actress has built a healthy career for herself as an independent film star, most recently turning heads in 2013's Frances Ha.

But, as Deadline notes, this would hardly be the first time that an indie darling has made her way onto the TV airwaves. Back in 2011, a little star named Zooey Deschanel surprised fans when she signed onto FOX comedy New Girl. And it's not like the How I Met Your Mother cast is a stranger to independent film. Josh Radnor seems destined to specialize in the genre post-HIMYM — having already written and directed 2010's Happythankyoumoreplease and 2012's Liberal Arts — and Cristin Milioti (who plays the original sitcom's titular character) attracted attention in 2012's Sleepwalk With Me before starring on Broadway in Once.

So, will the HIMYM spin-off be as legen-wait for it-dary as an anticipated slap bet? Jury's still out on whether or not fans will latch on to Gerwig's Sally — struggling with life as a grown-up — the way they latched onto Radnor's Ted, but with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas at the helm and Gerwig taking a producing credit, it's a safe bet we'll all soon be telling our friends, "Haaaaaaave you met Sally?" (Should, of course, the spin-off get picked up as a series.)

Or, you know, we will just continue to yearn for that Robin Sparkles spin-off instead.

Image: Getty Images; Tumblr