Ways To Hide Those Pesky Roots

by Toria Sheffield

Many people who rock a lighter hairstyle than their natural shade can tell you that dark roots are kind of the bane of their existence. Sure, sometimes they can look Madonna cool, but mostly they just mean an expensive salon appointment is in your near future. Which is why knowing the best tricks for hiding dark roots can be totally key for not going crazy before you can schedule a touch up.

I have had pretty much every hair color known to man. I've tried blonde, dark brown, black, red, really red... so needless to say I know the pain of prominent roots all too well. And the fact of the matter is, paying for touch ups at a salon can get way pricey way fast, so the longer we can hold off the better our wallets feel. And if you do your hair at home, it can sometimes just be hard to find the time to embark on the whole to-do of root touch ups (the gloves, the mess, the wait time...).

If you're not in the mood to rock those roots, getting creative with hairstyling can make all the difference in how you feel about your look. So if you're someone who finds yourself suffering from the dark root problem more than you'd like, here are 11 tips that just might make your life.

1. Grab The Scarf

OK, you're probably thinking, duh. But the fact of the matter is most people don't realize how many unique looks they can create with a single piece of fabric. Check out the above tutorial for some of the most gorgeous ways to use a scarf and hide your roots.

2. Go For Volume

In a piece for Beth Minardi, hair colorist and co-owner of Minardi Salon in New York City, noted that one of the best ways to distract from dark roots is by sporting a lot of volume. She also recommended directing curls away from your face if creating volume with a curling iron, as it will help conceal the crown of your head.

3. Go For The Undefined Part

A compilation piece over at the Daily Makeover for hiding dark roots said to simply flip your part to the other side, or zig zag pieces of hair so that your part is relatively undefined. Nothing calls attention to roots like a straight part at the center of your head.

4. Use A Root Spray

L'Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray, $14.49,

This one isn't exactly a hairstyle as much as a quick-fix that's super useful for when you're in a bind and just don't have the time to create a whole look around your roots. Although it's especially created for covering grays, this product can help blend your darker roots as well. Just grab a bottle in your color and spray away.

5. Use A Root Pen

Root Vanish By Kazumi, $48,

Much like the above, root pens are quick, temporary fixes for masking your roots. You generally use way less product overall, which means your investment lasts way longer than with the spray. However, it also takes a little more precision to apply, because if you use too much you can weigh down your hair and make it look greasy.

6. Or Try Rootflage

This is the final "cover up" solution I'm including, but since each temporary color-fix serves slightly different needs and creates different end-results I wanted to be sure to mention it. Rootflage is a powder product that you apply with a brush. It's great because it also can act as a dry shampoo, absorbing oil at the roots — though it can also take a little more time to finesse than a quick bottled spray.

7. Rock Accessories

YouTuber and beauty enthusiast Gen Watson stressed that big statement accessories, like bows, flowers, and headbands all go a long way in distracting from your roots. So after you've volumized your hair and altered your part, try topping it off with a cool accessory to really perfect the illusion.

8. Or A Sleek Bun

POPSUGAR beauty reporter Kirby Johnson recommended a sleek bun when your roots start getting noticeable. She noted that while the style won't actually hide your roots, the overall look will definitely attract attention away from the base of your hair and upwards towards the bun. She also recommended making the look as sleek as possible with hairspray or gel. Cut to 1:30 of the above video for her helpful how-to.

9. Try A Fish Hook Braid

This one takes some practice and definitely works best with longer hair. However, if roots are a huge annoyance in your life then it's a skill that could be super worth your time to master. And if something this complicated isn't your thing, small regular braids pinned up on either side of your head also looks super cute and does the trick in a pinch!

10. Create A Voluminous Ponytail

OK, so this one is kind of a cop out because it actually accentuates your roots — but that's the point! The fact of the matter is, dark roots look super awesome with a high, edgy ponytail (not to mention a smoky eye). So instead of trying to hide your roots, incorporate them into your entire aesthetic some of the time.

11. Hat Time

And lastly, if you really don't have time for a specialized hair style or scarf situation, make sure you have a trusted hat on hand that you can wear to make you feel more confident. And I don't just mean an old baseball cap — invest in a hat that you really love and feel like you look awesome in. That way it won't feel so much like a desperate measure as much as a compliment to your overall outfit.

Don't let dark roots ruin your day. Instead, think of them as an opportunity to get creative with your 'dos! Or at the very least, finally wear that cute beanie you never use.

Images: Pexels (1)