How Much Is Netflix Raising Its Prices By? The Change You Didn't Know Was Coming Will Start In May 2016

Fans of streaming services, do I have some news for you! Netflix will be raising prices for standard accounts in May, a change that will affect approximately 17 million accounts, according to Business Insider. And if you didn't know that was happening, you'd be forgiven for missing the memo. Netflix began to tinker with subscription prices in May 2014, when the company raised the price of its standard streaming plan for new subscribers to $8.99 per month. However, this and the second price increase in October to $9.99 per month did not affect those who were current subscribers who were grandfathered into a $7.99 per month two-stream plan. But those days are almost gone. It's going to get a tad more expensive to indulge in Netflix and chill sessions — from May onwards, existing customers on the standard account plan will pay $9.99 per month.

According to Business Insider, "Analysts at UBS have estimated that this change will affect about 37 percent of US subscribers." However, as Hollywood Life pointed out, while it's understandable that subscribers missed the news, this change was already in your Netflix contract and so, this hike shouldn't come as such a dramatic surprise to everyone. And if you are bit uneasy about the change, just consider this: At the end of the day, it is only an increase of two dollars! Two dollars is worth all those glorious days at home in bed watching your favorite shows.

Ultimately, Netflix's still my favorite of most other preferred forms of entertainment for twentysomethings, whether you love live music, going to clubs or buying books. I doubt this is going to prompt a tidal wave of users abandoning the service. What else are we going to do when we can't be bothered to put on pants and go out?