11 Genius Beauty Products That You Have To See

As a beauty writer, I'm constantly searching for beauty products are so completely genius that I feel that everyone needs to know about them. Whether it's an incredibly pigmented eye shadow, or a lip liner that stops me in my tracks, I'm always on the lookout for the very best in the world of beauty. With that said, I've recently discovered a handful of products that go above and beyond my expectations.

What sets these products a part from the rest is just how unique they are. They have either met a need that I didn't realized I had, or they completely stand out from other products in their category. In short, they contain that certain "wow" factor that I'm always looking for. They're different, edgy, and a cut above the rest. And their uniqueness doesn't make them intimidating, either. They're simply cool beauty products that are guaranteed to make your routine that much more interesting. So, get ready to be floored by these incredible beauty buys. They'll definitely have you clicking the check-out button in no time. Here are 11 genius beauty items that you need to need to know about.

1. Color-Changing Nail Polish

Pretty & Polished Nail Polish 'Tomboy', $9, Shop Pretty and Polished

Ever wanted to change your nail color in a flash? Well, here's a polish that does it for you. The makers of Pretty & Polished have created a range of nail polishes that react with to various temperatures. While cold, this particular shade, Tomboy, will be a teal green, and when warmed the polish will change to a lighter blue. How cool is that?

2. Perfect Mascara Applicator

Jovana 3 in 1 Mascara Applicator Guide, $2, Amazon

Get your best lashes yet with this handy mascara applicator. The 3-in-1 tool allows you to apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes without any mistakes, and also features a handy lash groomer to remove any clumps or lumps.

3. Instant Fix For Wine-Stained Lips

Wine Wipes, $7, Amazon

Having wine-stained lips isn't always the best look. Wipe away any trances of lingering pinot noir with these handy wine wipes.

4. Touch Screen Hair Dryer

Chi Touch 2 Touch Screen Hair Dryer, $200, Amazon

In the growing age of technology, it's no surprise that even our hair dryers are getting the digital treatment. This super cool hair dryer by CHI allows you to change the temperature, speed, and ion control of your dryer all by using a small touch screen.

5. Instant Hair Thickener

Toppik Hair Building Fibers, $50, Amazon

Thicker looking hair is just a few dashes away with this genius hair product. Infused with keratin protein, the product works to conceal areas of hair loss, thicken the look of your strands, and add color to grown-out roots. It's an all-in-one product that is perfect for almost any hair type.

6. Spray-On Nail Polish

Milk Nail Spray, $12, Urban Outfitters

Painting you nails has never been easier. Spray-on nail polish may sound messy, however, the polish only sticks the nail, and not your skin. It's a lazy girl's dream-come-true.

7. Easy Wings

Cat Eyeliner Stencils, $0.84, Amazon

Where have these gorgeous stencils been all my life? Say hello to your new beauty best friend.

8. No-Mess Nails

CreaNails Nail Polish Guides, $23, Amazon

Keep your polish on just your nails with these amazing nail guides. The pack offers a variety of sizes to fit each of your nails perfectly, and without any gapping.

9. Beautiful Brows

e.l.f. Essentials Eyebrow Stencils (2-pack), $7, Amazon

Take the guess work out of doing your brows with these easy-to-use stencils. Simply select your preferred brow shape, and draw inside the lines. Voila – instantly gorgeous brows.

10. French Tipped

Nail Guide Stickers, $1, Amazon

Give your manicure an upgrade by adding a perfectly lined tip.

11. Flawless Fringe

CreaClip, $30, Amazon

Not only does this handy guide give you a balanced edge for your hair cut, but it can also rotate to fit your exact trimming needs aka no more uneven side bangs.

See? The world of beauty is completely genius.

Images: Courtesy Brands