What's The Song In The Corona Extra Chair Ad? This Tune Will Bring Summertime To Your Ears — VIDEOS

In just a few months, spring will bid us farewell and usher in the wondrous, wonderful, and wonderfully sweaty season that is summertime. Yes, summer is almost upon us. And like the well-organized and orderly alcoholic beverage that it is, Corona has already prepared the limes, the salt, the indoor/outdoor seating options, and merry records accordingly. In a new very chair-y and very cheery television spot for the pale lager, there is an upbeat, poppy alt-rock tune that deserves your ears' attention. The song in the Corona Extra ad is “Here Now” by Sean Bones, and it about as summery as it gets.

“Here Now” is track number one on 2012 record Buzzards Boy, the Brooklyn musician’s sophomore album. If you want to hear more tunes from Bones, climb aboard your three-wheel scooter and scoot on over to his website.

You thought the Corona commercial brought the summer vibes? Well, buckle up for the "Here Now" music video, bucko. This vid is like drinking an ICEE at the water park in the middle of July. Or like grilling hot dogs at a backyard get-together. Or like participating in your library's summer reading program. Or like competing in a cannonball contest at the community swimming pool.

SeanBonesTV on YouTube

Oh, summer! How I wish you were "Here Now."

Image: Corona Extra/YouTube