11 Tell Tale Signs They'll Be A Good Partner

by Erica Florentine

Maybe you’ve been hooking up for a while and you can’t decide whether or not to take things to the next level. Is this person actually relationship material? By considering some signs they’ll be a good partner, you can paint a better picture in your mind of whether this is someone you want to actually start something official with, if a more casual thing is a better speed for you two, or if you should call it quits now. The call will be yours and yours alone.

There are many people out there who aren't meant to be in relationships. When they’re in them, they just sort of… suck. Whether they’re prone to cheating, or lying, or they become way too attached and completely lose sight of their independence, it’s clear they aren’t the person you, yourself, should be dating. So how can we tell in advance if someone is worth spending our time on? As many of us know, it can be tricky. But if being in a healthy and happy relationship is something that's important to you, it's good to have your eyes wide open while dating. Let's talk through the important things to look at to determine whether someone will be a good person to start a relationship with. Here are 11 tell tale signs they’ll be a good partner.

1. You Have Fun With Them No Matter Where You Are

If this person is someone who seems to be able to make the best of any situation, this is a great sign. According to Metro UK, a quality to look for in a potential partner is their ability to make anything fun — even when that’s a simple trip to the store.

2. They’re Not One To Hold Grudges

Think of how frustrating it is to have a friend or colleague who won’t let go of something that happened ages ago, despite a sincere apology on your end. Now, translate that knack for holding grudges to a person who you might spend the rest of your life with — yikes. noted that an important part of being in a relationship is not wanting the other person to constantly feel guilty or ashamed of things they’ve done wrong. Those who are keen to let go of grudges, therefore, excel as partners in this sense. Of course, if something big happened like an affair, the stakes might change, but that’s a conversation for a whole different article.

3. They’re Your Biggest Cheerleader

Is this person always on the sidelines cheering you on? Keep them around. Your SO should really be someone who encourages you to succeed, and helps celebrate you once you do, according to Huffington Post. The outlet spoke to Washington D.C.-based life coach Cynthia Ackrill who said, “A good partner believes in you even when you don’t. That might be annoying when all you really want is a pity party, but in the long run, it’s the freedom to experiment in life and find your best self.”

4. They Pop In To Let You Know You’re On Their Mind

Thoughtfulness is yet another attribute of a good partner, according to Thoughtfulness comes in many forms, so that doesn’t mean all of us need flowers and candy every day to know someone is thinking of us. Simple things like getting a text letting us know we were on someone’s mind can be just as awesome. On their dating advice site, noted thoughtfulness as an ability to pay attention to someone else in unexpected ways. If you’re sensing this from the person in question, you’ve caught yourself a winner.

5. They’re Nice To Waiters

How someone treats those around them speaks volumes to how they’ll treat you in a relationship. Let’s talk waiters, for instance. spoke to Rick Ellis, CEO of, who said, “Be mindful of the little things. For instance, is he paying attention to the server at the restaurant and asking questions politely, or is he being dismissive and uninterested?” Ellis said watching the way this person treats others will help you get to the core of who he or she really is.

6. He Or She Always Follows Through On Promises

Following through on promises and plans? Awesome. Breaking promises and canceling plans? Not awesome at all. Dating site said one of the most crucial signs someone is relationship material is if they consistently follow through. It shows this person is capable of a real, long-term relationship, the outlet added.

7. They Remember The Things You Say

This could be something as big as your ultimate career goal, or as little as that you don’t like ketchup on your burger. Despite the topic or level of importance, someone who will make a good partner will remember the things you say, according to Marie Claire.

8. You Feel Really Comfortable Around Them

Nothing is better than being with someone you feel like you can truly be yourself around. A good partner is someone who will bring out the confidence in you that makes you feel that level of comfort around them, according to The Huffington Post. The outlet spoke to psychologist Alicia H. Clark who said, “They make you feel comfortable because rather than focusing on aspects of your personality they want to change, they focus on what they love about you.”

9. They’re Independent

Is this person someone you feel would be able to be there for you as a SO, but also maintain their own identity? Good. According to, this is a great sign someone is relationship material — they’re able to do things alone, without a partner attached at their hip at every moment. If together you can each find your own strong sense of self while staying a loving and happy couple, you’ll reach the perfect balance of a healthy relationship.

10. They Tell You Just How They Feel — No Games Involved

Playing games feels so middle school, doesn’t it? If he or she is anti-games, take this as a good sign. According to, a good partner is someone who has the ability to be open and honest. They’ll bring things up to you in a straightforward way, rather than beating around the bush. Not only will it make them a good partner, I’d say it might also feel quite refreshing.

11. They’re Affectionate

Last, but certainly not least, this is someone who you really feel the love with. They’re affectionate in many ways — emotionally, verbally, and physically, according to The outlet said someone who has the ability to be an ideal partner will be open about showing their feelings.

A good partner comes in many forms, but most will exhibit many of the signs mentioned here. As you’re determining whether someone is relationship material, pay close attention to these signs and you might be pleasantly surprised to see they are very worthy of your time, attention, and affection.

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