'How I Met Your Dad's Greta Gerwig Isn't the First Indie Star to Shake Up Primetime TV

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Rarely does any CBS show elicit controversy, but when it was announced on Tuesday that actress Greta Gerwig would be starring in How I Met Your Dad, a spinoff of hit How I Met Your Mother, it was as if the network had decided to cancel HIMYM altogether with a quick "spoiler alert: they met." The casting of Gerwig, an actress best known for indie movies like Greenberg and Frances Ha , caused an uproar with fans and critics, with many saying that a star of low-budget films was an odd, if not bad, choice for a leading role in a network series. Opponents argued that HIMYD would be a step down for the Golden Globe-nominated Gerwig, or that the show would be better off with a TV actress as the lead.

Yet while Gerwig's casting is certainly surprising, it might not be so bad. In fact, it has the potential to be great — just ask these 6 indie actors who made the crossover to mainstream TV, shaking up the system and making television way more interesting.

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