Where To Buy Laura Mercier's New Highlight Shades

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of a strong highlight. It can perfectly complete any makeup look or breathe some life into your face when you roll out of bed and don’t have time for your full-on beauty routine. Find out where to buy Laura Mercier’s three new Face Illuminator Powders for a highlight that won’t quite. These powders are sure to be your new best friends, as far as makeup is concerned.

And after a late Friday night out with friends, this product is just the kind of thing you’re going to need get you glowing and distract from those puffy, tired eyes at brunch on Saturday. The good news is, these powders are already available to shop in stores and online at Sephora. So, before you hit da club tonight — make a pit stop by Sephora first! Your going out makeup will thank you.

The pearly "Indiscretion" shade has been around for awhile, so you may have actually fallen in love with this powder before now. But, that’s no excuse not to shop the new colors that are available. Ranging from deep copper-y bronze to rose gold, there’s a shade for every kind of shimmer you could ever desire. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Sephora to get your shine on, just in time for the weekend!

This is surely the best news you've heard all week.

They're just beaming. Have you ever seen something shine so bright?

1. Addiction

Face Illuminator Powder In Addiction, $44, Sephora

You'll be a golden goddess with this swept across your cheekbones.

2. Devotion

Face Illuminator Powder In Devotion, $44, Sephora

I'd surely be devoted to this rose-gold hue. Oh pink radiance, what I wouldn't give for you!

3. Seduction

Face Illuminator Powder In Seduction, $44, Sephora

Why, hello, you sexy stunner. ;)

4. Indiscretion

Face Illuminator Powder In Indiscretion, $44, Sephora

This is an oldie, but goodie, and there's nothing not to like about its shimmer quality.

I need these brilliant colors on my face, stat. Laura Mercier Face Illuminators, I'll take every ounce your sparkle power, please and thank you!

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Images: lauramercier/Instagram (1); Sephora (4)