The Most Awkward Moments From The MTV Movie Awards

If there's anything you can always count on happening during an MTV awards show, it's tons of comedic bits. It should come as no surprise then, that almost as reliable as the bits are the awkward moments at the MTV Movie Awards. While maybe not as notoriously explosive as the MTV Music Video Awards, the MTV Movie Awards can be just as awkward. Remember when Sacha Baron Cohen landed head first into Eminem's lap mid-broadcast wearing nothing but a thong and huge angel wings? Awkward. Or when Kristen Stewart dropped her Golden Popcorn? Awkward and hilarious. No MTV Movie Awards is immune to those kinds of moments, and the 2016 MTV Movie Awards are no different. The awkward moments from the 2016 MTV Movie Awards below will definitely have you blushing.

Hosts Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart have already proven themselves willing to sacrifice their dignity for a laugh, but everyone knows the most awkward moments are usually ones that aren't scripted. Case in point: awkward acceptance speeches. Acceptance speeches are the most obvious source of awkward moments, starting even before the awards. Here's everything cringeworthy that happened during this year's show, which was pre-taped on Saturday night.

1. When Pitch Perfect 2 Kicked Adam Devine Out Of The Cast

The cast of Pitch Perfect 2 was awarded the Golden Popcorn for Best Ensemble Cast on the red carpet during the MTV Movie Awards pre-show. Unfortunately, as they were lining up to accept their award, Adam Devine got lost in the shuffle. Sorry, dude, better luck next time.

2. When Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart Picked A Fight With Marvel Superheroes

Johnson and Hart went after every Marvel superhero, from Chris Hemsworth's Thor to Chris Pratt's Star-Lord, all while dressed up as "Dark Chocolate Knight" (Hart) and "Samoan Superman" (Johnson). It was an awkward bit, made even more awkward when they decided to take on Samuel L. Jackson.

3. "When Leo Got F*cked By A Bear"

Can we please stop with the Leonardo DiCaprio bear jokes? I already saw The Revenant once, I don't need to be reminded about it. Also, gross.

4. When Anna Kendrick Brought Out 16 & Pregnant Wannabes

To promote their new film, Dave and Mike Need Wedding Dates, Anna Kendrick brought out women she had recruited to date her co-stars Zac Efron and Adam DeVine. Unfortunately, al the women were actually girls trying to get on MTV's 16 & Pregnant, according to the joke. 'Cause nothing's more hilarious than dating pregnant teens, am I right?

5. When Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Performed A Modern Dance

Eddie Redmayne called it "the most extravagant entrance I've ever experienced." Awkward is another way to put it.

6. When Samuel L. Jackson Recalled Zac Efron's Shirtlessness

Samuel L. Jackson presented Movie of the Year with Alexander Skarsgard, who decided to walk out sans pants. When Skarsgard defended his decision by saying that he couldn't go shirtless, because it's been done before by stars like Zac Efron, Jackson called Efron's shirtless appearance "a historic moment." Uh, okay.

7. When Rebel Wilson Flashed Us

Things got a little too graphic when Pitch Perfect 2's Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine accepted their award for Best Kiss. The two ended up rolling on the floor, accidentally exposing Wilson. The naughty bits were pixelated, so we'll never know if she actually flashed the audience or if the pixelation was just a bit for us viewers at home. Either way, it definitely bumped up the awkwardness level.

8. When Luc Besson Awkwardly Commented On Cara Delevingne

Technically, this happened during the MTV Movie Awards pre-show, but it was still awkward AF. In a behind the scenes clip of Delevingne's new film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, director Luc Besson said that he was skeptical of Delevingne playing such a kick ass character "because she's in the modeling world." He meant it as a compliment, going on to say that the super model was always the first person willing to do stunts on set, but it was still a bit awkward.

9. All Of The Awkward Presenters

Yes, it's all part of the awards show fun, but the bits they make presenters perform at some awards shows are purposefully uncomfortable. I get that they're trying to make fun of how not funny those bits usually are, but, that doesn't stop it from being just as cringeworthy.

On a scale of one to Awkward City, this year's MTV Movie Awards was definitely more tame than others. Something tells me the fact that the awards were pre-taped this year might have helped keep the awkwardness to a minimum.

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