What Is Lucien On 'The Originals'? There's A New Original In Town

Lucien's evil plan was finally revealed on The Originals , after he kidnapped Vincent and Freya and took them to Mystic Falls (where else?). It turns out that Lucien has been plotting his revenge on Klaus and the Mikaelsons ever since he was turned, and, when he saw the prophecy predicting the death of the Originals, he knew that it was his time. So, he made a deal wth the Ancestors: he'd kill the Original vampires and in exchange, they would give him the power of their Regent witch, Vincent. With Vincent to perform the magic, Freya's blood to link him to the Mikaelsons and the last white oak bullet to seal the spell that turned the Originals in the first place, Lucien had all he needed to magically transform himself into a creature more powerful than Klaus on "Behind the Black Horizon." But what is Lucien on The Originals now?

After the spell was cast and Lucien drank the resulting serum (which looked an awful lot like blood) Finn and Elijah arrived on the scene and killed him. Unfortunately, Lucien's death was only temporary, and when he got back up, his eyes glowed red and his strength grew. Now faster and stronger than both Finn and Elijah, Lucien quickly got the upper hand, biting Finn with a deadly werewolf bite. It seems there's a new hybrid in town.

There's no doubt that Lucien has transformed himself into some kind of vampire-werewolf hybrid, but he's nothing like Klaus or Hayley. When Elijah, Freya, Vincent and Finn made it back to New Orleans, Klaus tried healing Finn with his blood, but it didn't help. Finn died in their home, surrounded by his family. Klaus' blood cannot cure a bite from Lucien, meaning he's not just a regular hybrid, he's something new.

But Lucien isn't the only new creature the Mikaelsons have to worry about. He's turning Aurora into a super hybrid too.

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW; fuckyeahoriginals/tumblr