Vincent & Davina Are Not Happy On 'The Originals'

Vincent and Davina lost their faith in the Ancestors on The Originals after their magical leaders betrayed them and put them both in danger. Magic has always been tied to the Ancestors — it was the Ancestors who chose Davina and then Vincent as Regent, and it is the Ancestors they call upon to help them with powerful spells. But the Ancestors can be vicious, and while they have always seemed to be working to keep a balance in the world, in "Behind the Black Horizon" they went full on evil. Now, Vincent and Davina are taking on the Ancestors on The Originals , and it's sure to be an ugly fight.

Both Vincent and Davina have their own reasons for rebelling against the Ancestors. Vincent lost his faith in them after learning that they made a deal with Lucien, essentially forcing Vincent to do Lucien's dirty work in the hopes that Lucien would kill the Original vampires, like Klaus and Elijah, for good. He was forced to help Lucien turn himself into a super hybrid, despite his protests, all because the Ancestors said so. For Davina, well, she's got a bit more of a personal vendetta. After putting up with Kol's erratic behavior, she realized that some of the Ancestor's magic is in Kol, which means they must have corrupted him when she brought him back to life. Now, they're hurting him to get to her.

At the end of the episode, Vincent and Davina got together at the bar, the one spot magic cannot be used, thus the one spot safe from the Ancestors. Vincent wants to take down the Ancestors, and he needs Davina's help to do it.

Vincent and Davina are prepared to do anything to go to war with the Ancestors in the coming weeks. The question is, will they still be alive at the end of it?

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; davina-kol/tumblr