How Many PIeces Are In Beyonce's Ivy Park Line? There Will Be A Lot To Choose From — PHOTOS

The world’s been waiting with bated breath since Beyoncé first announced that she’d be creating an athleisure collection. And since Ivy Park goes on sale on April 14, I can finally say that the time to own these pieces has almost come. How many pieces are in Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection, exactly? Don’t worry there will be plenty of items to shop!

There are reportedly 200 pieces in the line because when Bey does something — she does it up big. With so many pieces in the mix, you won’t be able to shop each and every item, but I assure you, you’re going to want to. The campaign video gives a glimpse into what types of pieces are in the collection. There’s everything from swimwear to headbands and everything in between. So, there’s definitely something to suit all of your athleisure needs.

There’s been no confirmation, but some kids’ clothing could even be in the mix, considering Blue Ivy Carter makes a cameo in the video decked out in Ivy Park pieces. ‘Yoncé’s not exactly forth-coming with info about the line, but if everything else she does is any indication of what this clothing line-up will be like — it’s going to slaaaaay.

Leggings, sports bras, one pieces. Oh my!

I can't wait to look Bey-cool in these pieces.

I can already tell I'm going to want all 200 of them.

It's almost time to shop, and I can hardly wait.

Get your shopping lists ready. I wouldn't be surprised if this line went in a matter of minutes, even with this many pieces. Because, this is the Queen B's clothing line we're talking about here.

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Images: weareivypark/Instagram (1); YouTube (1)