The Hillary Clinton New York 'SNL' Skit Pokes Some Serious Fun At Her Long Losing Streak

Saturday Night Live brought back its biting political commentary this Saturday when fan favorite Kate McKinnon reprised her parody of Hillary Clinton following the presidential candidate's visit to "the Fat Apple" earlier this week. There was plenty of source material for the bit, including Clinton's complicated New York City subway ride and her love of street food, but the writers mostly focused on Clinton's recent losing streak in the primary race against her opponent Bernie Sanders. McKinnon's Clinton tried to play it cool concerning her string of losses, but the audience was reminded exactly how many states she has lost when a handy man played by Kenan Thompson came to fix the seven holes in her wall. Yet by the end of the skit, Clinton was looking to the future and a potential win in the New York primary later this month.

Behind the humor, the sketch did point out something interesting — Clinton's losing streak really hasn't received a lot of media attention. Of course, the primaries are heavily reported, but there have not been many reports on how Sanders' winning streak is affecting the future of Clinton's campaign. According to Politico, the hesitation to embrace Sanders' streak is partially thanks to some strong work by Clinton's PR team, who has kept the conversation centered around delegates rather than primaries. Clinton still has a definitive delegate lead right now, largely because of her 469 superdelegates, but even with Sanders' recent wins, Real Clear Politics's delegates count says he's only pulled to within 250 pledged delegates. So even though Sanders has been doing hot in the primaries, most of the media conversation has been focused on the caveat of his lag in the delegate race.

SNL also hit the nail on the head with the importance of the New York primary, which is coming up on April 19. According to a new Fox News poll released on Sunday, Clinton is leading the race with 53 percent while Sanders is falling behind at only 37 percent. If those predictions hold, Clinton would around get 145 delegates and Sanders would get around 100 under New York's proportional primary rules. Not only would the win put Clinton decisively back on top of the race, but further widening the delegate gap would put the Sanders campaign in serious trouble ahead of the convention in July.

As always, SNL's political commentary is both insightful and hysterical, and this latest Hillary Clinton sketch is no exception. The future of the Democratic presidential race may rest in New York, so you can probably expect to see more of McKinnon as Clinton before the primary, and hopefully a reappearance of Larry David as Bernie Sanders.

Image: SNL