All The Times Kit Harington Totally Lied To Us

by Loretta Donelan

Kit Harington has brought fans on a roller coaster ride, as far as this upcoming season of Game of Thrones is concerned. The star hasn't always been super truthful about his character, and in fact, Harington has told a lot of lies about Jon Snow over the years, from little white ones to major falsehoods. Obviously, fans can't really fault him, since all the show's stars are forced to keep a very tight lid on the show and its spoilers, and Jon Snow's fate has been the source of major speculation over the last few months. But that doesn't mean the lies don't still hurt, Harington.

Those who have read interviews with Harington about the status of Jon Snow at the end of Season 5 and have felt despair at his answers should remember that the star isn't always truthful about these matters, or at the very least is prone to bending the truth and lying by omission. He appears to take not revealing spoilers more seriously than being 100% honest all the time, a fact that anxious readers of every Jon Snow headline should keep in mind. Here are the various times Harington has lied about his character over the years and made fans equally exhilarated and furious.

When He Described Jon Snow As A Good Person

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Harington described his character as inherently good, though struggling to balance that with his ambition. For a good person, he still kills and betrays a lot of people, most notably Ygritte.

When He Said He Didn't Know Who Jon Snow's Parents Are

Harington has frequently insisted that he's as in the dark as the rest of us as far as his character's parentage is concerned. However, I have a hard time believing that neither the showrunners (who know the secret) nor George R.R. Martin have given him any of that juicy info, or at least a hint.

When He Said His Character Hadn't Found Love

In an interview with Vulture before the show's second season, he teased his character's relationship with Ygritte: "All I can say is there is a girl. Whether they fall in love, I can't say. I wouldn't call it love." That's not what I saw!

When He Set Up Jon Snow As A Beacon Of Hope

In an interview with GQ, Jon Snow insisted that his character was "a figure of hope within the whole thing—that he’ll continue to be this good person, and somehow the story will end well for everybody." Not only has the story decidedly not ended well for everyone, but you'd think a symbol of hope would look a little bit more cheerful.

When He Said Jon Snow No Longer Wanted To Be The Hero

In a Season 4 interview with The Daily Beast, Harington said that Jon Snow had grown out of his hero complex, that he was "losing his ambition and...discovering that life isn’t really about being the hero," but there's been quite a lot of heroism since.

When He Hinted At A Romance With Melisandre

Harington suggested before the fifth season that there would be a relationship between Jon and Melisandre, describing her as Jon's type. As we know now, this was less of a romance than a failed seduction.

When He Said He Filmed A Lot Of Scenes Dead

Harington seems to think fans will believe that Game of Thrones brought him in to play a corpse, which is why he's been seen on set. This sounds absolutely ridiculous; how many scenes are going to feature Snow just lying there, and would one of the world's leading creators of dead body props waste money paying an actor to just lie there, instead of just creating a corpse? I call BS.

Those taking Harington's words seriously should remember Ygritte's tease: you know nothing, Jon Snow.

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