8 Signs 'Game Of Thrones' Is As Obsessed With Jon Snow As You Are

If you've crossed paths with me in the last several months, you've likely been treated to my conspiracy theories about Jon Snow's death in Game of Thrones, because, like many others, I have a lot of them. Practically everyone these days seems to have an idea or two about Jon Snow's presence in the show — even the show's creators. Game of Thrones seems to be as obsessed with Jon Snow as we are, which is a huge relief, considering that it means I can openly and honestly celebrate my desire to analyze every single detail of the show without shame.

This is an insane time to be obsessed with Kit Harington's character, given everything that may or may not be going on with him. Speculating about Jon Snow's fate is a full-time job, and I couldn't be happier that I'm not the only one doing it. It's clear that the producers, the cast, the crew, and everyone involved with the show is right there with me, and we all need to support each other during this trying time when we don't have nearly enough information about what happens to Jon Snow. I used to be one of those smug book-readers who was always at least a season ahead of the show and thought I knew everything, but all that's come to an end now, and, like the rest of the world, I can't wait until Season 6 premieres on Apr. 24. In the meantime, I'll be reveling in the fact that Game of Thrones is just as obsessed with Jon Snow as I am, as evidenced by these eight signs.

1. They Cast Him In Every Season

There's the biggie right up top. Obviously Jon Snow is a huge character in the books, but the show didn't need to follow George R.R. Martin's works exactly. The fact that the show has kept him so central is a sign that they're simply big fans of him.

2. He's On The Season 6 Poster

How many other shows can you name that use a dead character to promote the next season? Zero.

3. He's In The Trailer

Jon Snow is in the opening shot of the Season 6 teaser trailer, and reportedly, the secret trailer premiered at SXSW centers around him even more.

4. They Killed Him Off

Game of Thrones seems to take a perverse pride in knocking off its most beloved characters. The fact that they followed the book and allowed Jon Snow to die is proof that the creators are invested in the character and know it would drive their audience crazy if he was gone.

5. Well, Maybe

But at the same time, there are so many rumors suggesting that Jon Snow comes back, which no one involved with the show or otherwise would care about giving answers to if they weren't in as deep as fans all clearly are.

6. Cast Members Can't Stop Talking About Him

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In interviews in which you might expect GoT cast members to talk about their own characters, many, like Sean Bean, instead have used the opportunity to speak to the press about Jon Snow. He's the character on everybody's minds and everybody's lips, even though most have so far avoided giving fans any actual intel on whether he comes back to life.

7. He Hasn't Cut His Hair

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether or not Jon Snow comes back, Harington has yet to cut his hair, which means that the producers want us to be obsessing the way that we are. With the actor's hair still in Jon snow mode, everything's up in the air, and that's clearly how the showrunners like it, or he'd be sporting a haircut right now to quash any rumors.

8. They Haven't Addressed The Fan Theories

It actually means a lot that the show hasn't touched on popular fan theories like R+L=J, because there's no way the producers and writers have missed us all talking about it. If they cared any less about Jon Snow, or about fans' experience watching the show, they'd squash the rumors or deny them; the fact that they've refused to lean one way or the other suggests, like with the haircut, that they're fans of theorizing themselves.

The next time you feel yourself starting to apologize for your obsession about Jon Snow, just remember that the entire series is centered around an obsession with him as well. In this case, you're in very good company.

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