Amy Poehler's MTV Movie Awards Speech Is Hilarious

Leave it to Amy Poehler to bring out some of the biggest laughs and smiles of an already fun-filled show. At the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, Poehler won "Best Virtual Performance" for her role in Inside Out, and her speech was just as exuberant as you'd expect from the actor who played "Joy" in the hit movie. And one quote from Poehler's speech in particular hit a (hilarious) note with viewers. “Did anyone vote? I don’t know,” Poehler said while winning her award, making it clear that even A-list stars who've won tons of honors don't understand how awards shows actually work.

Of course, Poehler was joking — the star certainly knows how the MTV Movie Awards function — but it was still a funny moment that proved Poehler is really just like you and me. And the rest of her speech was even better, because the star used the moment to point out Parks and Rec's ninth anniversary — causing her former co-star, Chris Pratt, to grin from his seat. Aww. It's been almost a decade since that beloved show premiered, but it's clear that the love for it is as strong as ever.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Poehler is no stranger to the MTV Movie Awards, having had two previous nominations and two wins, but it's great to see her winning for Inside Out, a movie that was both commercially and critically loved upon its 2015 release. The film won Best Animated Feature at the 2016 Oscars, and it's great to see that its success is continuing all these months later, especially in the form of the always-great Poehler taking home awards.