Kendall Jenner's Shoes At The MTV Movie Awards

by Eliza Florendo

When you're a celeb as famous as Kendall Jenner, it's not uncommon to have a team, or a glam squad, that helps you put your entire look together, from your hair, to your makeup, to your outfit. Kendall Jenner's shoes at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards is one of those parts of her look that took an entire team to put on. Talk about a knotty situation.

It's no surprise that supermodel Jenner looked flawless on the red carpet, wearing a super sexy black dress with a long cape, criss cross detailing and halter top included. Essentially, she took the Little Black Dress and upped it times a thousand. Sultry doesn't even begin to cover it.

We first saw a preview of the look from her Instagram, where she posted a photo of just how difficult these shoes were to put on. You know what they say — pain is beauty, and these perfect shoes are no exception. Made by DSquared2, these are the ultimate sex heels. Like, there's no hiding the fact that these are reserved for the badass babes.

Jenner kept her hair in a sleek pony with two loose strands, and went with a natural lip and bold brows. With the dress and heels making the statement, it was perfect that she kept her overall makeup and hair pretty minimal. This girl knows what she's doing!


Out of control, right?

But, as her Instagram suggests, although beautiful, the shoes were definitely a pain to deal with. Case in point: Kendall posted a Snapchat of her fiddling with the beautiful shoes, with Gigi Hadid in the background saying, "Kenny are you having some problems?" And Kendall replying sheepishly, "Yeah."

Bestie Gigi Hadid also posted a snapchat of Kendall's shoes, all unlaced and falling all over the place in the elevator.

Yikes. I'd hate to be the one to have to pick those strands together and put them back on. It's hurting my head just thinking about it. We've heard of some pretty terrible wardrobe malfunctions, and luckily, Kenny isn't flashing any unwanted skin, but just imagine how hard it is to walk in those once they start to fall apart.

So, while they did look super badass, I feel for Jenner. It's like that one pair of sneakers that just won't stay tied. It seems that for this night, fashion came totally before comfort.